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1st Trimester

Am I the only one ?

OMG, sleeping is so hard.  I feel myself getting up at 4 am everyday only to be completely wiped out by midday.  I want to sleep at work and am finding it hard to do anything at all when I get home.  I have heard this is common in the first tri-mester.  I am hoping the second tri-mester provides me with more energy.  I have also been experiencing shooting pains in the joints of my middle fingers ?  Anyone else have this problem ?  What about neck aches ?  I am thinking I need to get a new pillow.  This pregnancy thing is no joke and man does it take a toll on your body.  But I would not change it for the world :).


Re: Am I the only one ?

  • It's definitely exhausting! I always have insomnia big time during 1st tri and am super tired mid afternoon. My midwife always said I could take Tylenol PM if I'm really having trouble sleeping but so far I haven't used it this time around. 2nd tri does get better!
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  • Oh Girl JUST you wait....til 3rd tri!! You will think that all this was a breeze ;P
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  • I definitely with agree u all but its very worth it at the end..... Congrats to all and GL
  • My Dr. suggested Unisom for nausea, but maybe you can talk to your Dr. about it for sleep? 

  • I have my first appointment tomorrow. I will talk to my Dr then. Another annoying thing is plugged ears, anyone get that ? Thanks everyone for your support :.
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