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Work frustrations (rant?)

I'm a nanny who works 50+ hours a week with two awesome little kids.  Normally, I think I do a pretty great job - we do lots of learning activities, fun field trips, and have lots of active play.  Then when they nap, I normally do laundry and dishes and tidy the (enormous) house. 


But, of course, I'm pregnant right now and SUPER tired (plus hungry, plus nauseous, etc).  I don't feel like myself - I can't do anything I would normally do because I just don't have the energy.  I find myself doing a lot of my chores while the kids are awake just so that I am guaranteed an hour or so to rest while the children are asleep.  I know I am slacking off compared to my normal workload, and if the parents knew, I think they might be appalled!  (Obviously they are already aware of the fact that I'm getting behind on the laundry, but they don't seem bothered by that at least - if they did, they'd say.  They are very particular.)


So anyway, I guess this was mainly just a rant about how exhausted I am and how much I wish I had a more sedentary job.  I could probably muster the energy to sit at a computer and crunch numbers all day (like at a job I had a few years back), but I feel incapable of chasing after a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.  


Any advice?  Don't say 'temporary leave of absence' as it is out of the question.  Just wondering if anybody has any ideas how to cope.  I also wouldn't object to being reassured that I'm not a terrible nanny for taking it easy for a while... Crying  I have a newfound respect for all those women who are pregnant with #2 or higher... How do you do it all?!


Alright, I'm done whining.  Carry on!

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Re: Work frustrations (rant?)

  • Do they know you are pregnant?  Might help them better understand what you are going through. 

     Hang in there - I hear it gets easier on us in 2nd Tri!

  • are you close with the mother? Maybe you can sit down and talk to her about your pregnancy. She probably understands how exhausting it is.. considering she hired extra help for her 2.. and shes not even pregnant!!

    Ask your doctor if you can take B complex vitamins... they help me alot. B vitamins give you that extra push of energy. I'll normally drink a cup of coffee in the morning, and then during lunch take a B vitamin. It's better than loading up on caffeine. You can buy a bottle of like 90 capsules for like 7-8$. It's totally worth it. My B vitamin also has vitamin C mixed in with it- so it also helps with my immunity too (great for when your around drooling,sneezing babies/kids) 

     hope this helps.. they are definitely a life-saver!  

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