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Some days suck more than others

 I feel like I am still on this emotional roller coaster and I want off it. This morning I woke up nauseous and my breasts where sore. Maybe my period is coming, my dr warned me it could show up 5 -7 days after my D&C. It just really messed with my emotional state. I dreamed I was holding babies last night, that and waking up feeling pregnant, I am a wreck today. I am still in some pain from my D&C , mostly around my c-section scar, it feels tight and sore. My husband went back to graveyard this week and I took my daycare kids back after taking last week off and also went back to my part time job. I just feel overwhelmed, tired and want to crawl back into my cocoon. I guess Im throwing myself a pity party today.
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Re: Some days suck more than others

  • I am so sorry you are going through this, I think you deserve a pity party though. We all need them sometimes IMO.

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  • So sorry!

    We all deserve pity party's...HUGS
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  • imageMcRib:
    I'm sorry. I hope today is a better day. I'm hoping every day gets a tiny bit better.

    Ditto this, I am hoping that each day will bring me a little more healing.   

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  • I am so sorry you are going thought this! Some days are def worse than others.

    Big hugs to you!


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  • You're definitely allowed- so go for it! ::hugs::
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