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Morning pump... How much

I know everyone is different, but how much do you get in your morning pump session?

Re: Morning pump... How much

  • Anywhere from 8-12 oz depending on when my daughter ate last. 
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  • When my supply is doing really well I'll get between 8-10 oz. If my supply is low that week, then I get between 5-7 oz.
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  • Anywhere from 2-8 oz depending on when DD ate last.
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  • I only get about 4-5 oz. but my dd is only 2 months.
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  • If I am pumping to replace a feeding, I could get 10+ ounces.  I had to buy bigger bottles for these pumping sessions as the 5 oz ones would fill completely to the top.  I normally have fed him at 5 am and pump at 6 am and get 6-7 oz.
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  • I pump after the first feeding of the day and get between 4 and 7.
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  • I pumped every morning after feeding DS and I remember getting around 10oz sometimes up to 14 on a really good day.
  • I exclusively pump (so not after a feeding) and I get 8-12. I've gotten 14 a few times. I don't pump in MOTN so this is from 10-6
  • I EP as well and have a bit of oversupply. I avg 25 oz with the 1st morning pump
  • I get 3-4oz from both sides if I decide to pump in the morning, I don't think I get very much because he eats pretty much every 2 hours all night long.


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  • Wow I feel like a loser I am only getting about 1 oz from each side.
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  • Wow... I nursed at 7am and just now at 9:30 I pumped just under 4oz.  :( 
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  • I get anywhere from 2 oz to 6 oz total depending on when he ate last and where I am in my cycle.  
  • Between 3 and 5.  I think my supply is pretty tightly regulated, so I don't get a whole lot extra.
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