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Not drinking enough water...

Am I the only one? I don't know whats wrong with me, but drinking water is hard for me to do apparently. I get lectured all of the time by my sister who is a physician assistant. She says I NEED to be drinking 64 oz a day! To me thats crazy, and then she said thats what everyone should be drinking...My milk supply is pretty good, I get about 4-7 oz when I pump and DD never seems to be hungry after feedings so I know I'm doing okay, but maybe it would be more if I drank more water? Ugh, I even went to the hospital for dehydration at 32 weeks with DD and went into preterm labor :( I'm terrible..

End Vent.

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Re: Not drinking enough water...

  • Will you drink more if you add something to it? I love water and drink tons of it, but in the mornings I like to add a little apple juice to give it some flavor.
    Someone on here said you can check dehydration by pressing on your thumb nail and seeing how long it takes for it to turn pink again, but I don't remember her guidelines on it.
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  • I have my days where I know I don;t get enough water.  It doesn't affect my supply or DD, but it effects me (dark urine, slight headach - usually the next morning).

    While I was pregnant I aimed for 64 oz of water.  I usually got more than that, mostly because it was summer time and hot and that made me thisty.  The first few weeks after birth, I was soooooo thirstly.  I'm not sure how much I drank (over 100 oz).

    Recently since the weather has gotten cooler, I know I'm not getting my goal of 64 oz.  I have a 32 oz bottle that I try to fill up twice.  I'm getting better, but I reall have to make a concious effort.  Try putting lemon or cucumber in your water to change it up a bit.  Or get fruit jiuce and dilute it 50/50 with water ( or even 75% water, 25% juice).  Anything to switch it up.  You don't necessarily have to drink only water!

    GL!  And take care of yourself and LO.

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  • I get a big Fiji bottle (1L) and divide it into 12 hours, then put lines on it with Sharpie. It helps a ton when I can see that by 9am I should have had x amount of water. 

    I also used to make myself drink water, even a sip, every time that DD nursed, or I would get up to pee. It helped make drinking it a habit. 

  • Have the same problem! Try Crystal Light! It helps me drink more water! GL!
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    Have the same problem! Try Crystal Light! It helps me drink more water! GL!

    ^This. Crystal Light works wonders. They make fun flavors like Mojito and Margarita now. They taste surprisingly close to their alcoholic counterparts.

     You can make a 2 quart pitcher batch, which is 64 oz. It will help you track how much water you are drinking and it tastes much better. Its only 5 calories per serving too.

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    If you are pumping 4-7 oz at a time, you are't dehydrated.  most never pump more than about 3.

    all liquids count in your daily intake. so yeah you need 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day, 64 oz. normally when you aren't nursing.  And you need about 25 oz more than that as that's about how much milk most women make in a day.

    but your body does't care if the water comes out of soda, ice tea, lemonade, coffee, juices, soups, watermelon, slushies, etc. your body pulls the water out of whatever you eat or drink and uses it for all your little cells to do what they need to do. 

    so it doesn't have to be straight plain old water.


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