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I am a FTM and was just wondering what your opinions are on different brands of baby products? i.e. diapers, swings, cribs, formula (although I plan to BF), etc...
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Re: STM!!!

  • My favorite diapers of all time are the babies r us brand. They have never leaked on me, and my LO never gets rashes bc of them.
  • I'm also a FTM, but I have nannied for many years, so I have a bit of experience with products. I've always loved pampers, however I will be trying the Honest diapers, just because I like the eco-friendly products and I want to try them for myself.

    I've used many swings over the years, but the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing that my sister has is my favorite.

    I don't find one brand of crib to be much different from the next, and they all tend to hold up the same. (Others may dispute this, it's just what I've observed) We bought a BRU brand crib.

    Formula really truly depends on what the baby can handle.

    The only other thing I can think of that you didn't ask about is the high chair. I love, love, LOVE the Chicco Polly. Our LO won't need it for a LONG time, and I've already purchased it. It folds SO thin, and is super comfy. 3 out of 5 families with babies that I've nannied for have used them. My favorite feature is that you can fold up the arms that support the tray and use it as a chair for the baby during family dinner time. And if it KILLS me, this LO will have good table manners! Lol!

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  • imageasibilrud:
    I am a FTM and was just wondering what your opinions are on different brands of baby products? i.e. diapers, swings, cribs, formula although I plan to BF, etc...

    Diapers, IMO.. you're probably going to have to see what works best for your baby. My daughter leaked out of a few until I tried Pampers Swaddlers and those have been by far my favorite.

    Swings. We bought a Graco one with sounds. She enjoyed that a lot when she was little. For the longest time she would only nap in the swing and sleep in the crib. It was a lifesaver. Any swing would work, but just make sure you get one that plugs into the wall because batteries will become expensive if your baby really likes to be in it.

    Cribs. I'm not picky on these too much. I'm a huge Graco fan though and so I stuck with that. We have the Graco Freeport and so far so good. They say Firm mattresses are the best.

    We tried to BF and while my supply was good, it just wasn't for me. We tried Similac and Enfamil first because we had coupons for them. They made DD really constipated, so we switched to Gerber Good Start Gentle. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up on the Similac, Enfamil and Gerber websites. They will send out checks or coupons for you to use if you end up formula feeding. If not, you can trade them on here or just give them away.

    One other recommendation. I have sensitive skin and can't use too many soaps. Well, my daughter must get that from me. She can't use the regular Johnson and Johnson soaps and lotions. I have been using all of the aveeno baby products and I think they are great!

    ETA: breathable bumpers for the crib are well worth the money. I didn't put any bumpers on but when DD's foot got stuck in the crib slat, I had to do something.
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  • We started with pampers swaddlers, then target brand for awhile, then pampers baby dry, then Luv's. Huggies leaked like crazy for us. We used similac, then similac sensitive. She never liked her swing.

  •  We like Pampers wipes, the Fisher Price lamb swing and for the crib we just got an affordable one that met all of the safety requirements.  We BF until 6 months and then used Enfamil formula.

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  • I have always used Luvs diapers and I haven't had any problems.

    I love the Fisher Price Cradle swings. We have the lamb one, that we got for DD#2 and she loved it. If possible I would find a swing that plugs in it saves money on batteries.

    We bought a crib from Walmart and spent about $160 on it and it held up great with DD#2 and we are using it again for this LO. It is a 3 n 1. It's a crib, toddler bed, and full size bed.

    We started with Similac at first with DD#2. We bought a lot of it on craigslist because it was way cheaper than the stores. We then discovered Target's Up & Up brand and switched to that. It is the same as Enfamil, just without the hefty price tag.

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  • Diapers and formula (I'm guessing, DD was bf) can vary from kid to kid.  I hated how Huggies fit DD as a baby, but other people swore by them.  There's no way of knowing how your baby will be built.
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  • TBH, we still haven't found a brand of diapers we really like. We use Pampers, but we deal with leaks a lot.  Huggies overnights aren't cutting it for us either.  We don't have a generic option near us other than Walmart.

    We have a swing, but I don't remember the brand.  I don't think the brand is as important as the type of motion your baby likes.

    Crib is personal preference.  If buying from a major retailer, they are all up to code.  My parents bought DD an expensive convertible crib/bed.  DD wore an orthotic helmet for 6 months that had two metal screws in it.  Scratched the beautiful crib all to hell.  Complete waste of my parent's money.  They are also buying this one, and it will be far less expensive because of limited space in the nursery and lesson learned of the damage a crib needs to endure.

    DD was on Similac regular from the start.  It's what the hospital provided (we FF from the start), and it worked for her.

    I do prefer Pampers Thick and Sensitive Wipes.

    I'm a fan of Desitin over Buttpaste b/c I hate the way Buttpaste smells.

    We used Dr. Brown's bottles from the start, but if DD had been picky, we would have found something else that worked for her.


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  • Diapers: Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers - they work for us. Someone had given me a box of huggies for my baby shower and it gave DD a really bad rash. Whenever she starts leaking out of the Swaddlers I know its time for a bigger size even if she hasn't met the max weight. That has always worked for us.

    Wipes: I <3 Huggies. I use the natural care, but used to use the sensitive. I like them waaaaay better than Pampers brand wipes.

    Diaper cream: Butt Paste. It works for me and I've never tried anything else.

    Show products: Aveeno. We used Mustela at first but DD had really sensitive skin and was getting dry spots. The pediatrician recommended Aveeno and it cleared her right up.

    Swings: Fisher Price Lamb swing. We ran out and bought this out of desperation after DD was born and it was hands down her favorite gadget. When I went back to work we bought a second one to keep at the sitters house.

    Crib: We have the Pottery Barn Kendall Crib and I don't have any complaints...but like PP say, this is one area where I don't think it makes a difference so long as it's up to code.

    Formula: I BF for 10 months exclusively and when my pumping sessions started producing too little I began supplementing with Similac Sensitive. The brand you choose depends on what baby can tolerate, but in my experience and from what I've heard most BF babies do better on sensitive formulas.

    Bottles: Dr. Browns - People complain about the extra parts, but that has never bothered me. I think they do a good job of controlling her air intake when she drinks.


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  • We use generic... Other than Walmart brand diapers.

    I BF..

    Swing... we used Fisher price rain forest friends. I liked that the seat swiveled... And it plugged in.

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  • Diapers - We used Pampers Swaddlers at first, I tried Luv's to save some $ and they leaked all over and gave DD a bad rash. We also tried Huggeis Little Snugglers and they leaked as well. A lot of it depends on how your LO is built; DD was really petite so any diaper that was too wide in the crotch area made her uncomfortable and leaked. I will say we tried Pampers Cruisers when she outgrew the Swaddlers, they had just come out with the DryMax liner and DD had blisters for days before I realized it was the new diaper so we switched to Huggies Little Movers at size 3 and had only a few blow outs. 

    Swings - We had Fisher Price Little Lamb swing, it's the only thing she slept in for three months (colic and reflux). They make one now with an a/c adapter instead of batteries.

    Cribs - As long as it meets safety standards (and if it's purchased new, it will) it's whatever your taste and budget allows. We bought a middle of the road crib at BRU, I think it was around $250 and worked great for DD and will work for #2 until he's at least 2 and we get a bigger house.

    Formula - I had to supplement BM with formula due to supply issues, I started with Enfamil because giving DD brand name seemed like it was a MUST, and then I noticed Sams's sells their version for 1/3 the cost and did the research realizing that all formula meets the same FDA standards and made the switch. I ran it by our pediatrician and he was fine with it. I read an article recently by a mom who is also a dietitian and she claimed that Target's Up & Up brand was the best store brand formula so I'm thinking of going that route this time if we need to, especially with the 5% off Target debit card and the fact that it's closer to my house than Sam's. 

    Bottles - Have some on hand with some formula, regardless. The 2 oz. ready to feed bottles the hospital sent home with us were a lifesaver at 3am; a full baby is a happy baby. It broke my heart when I realized after two weeks my supply wouldn't cut it. My lactation consultant didn't want to give up, but with fenurgeek tablets and mother's milk tea all day every day and DD still losing weight we gave in. This time I'm considering getting a baby scale the second I start showing signs of lack of supply. 

    In general, babies are picky- you may think they hate a swing but it's not a swing in general, it's THE swing you have. DD hated begin carried in the front carrier (I don't remember the brand, I think Infantino) but would have probably loved a Moby or something like that.  There isn't really a right or wrong answer, I did tons of research before I registered for stuff- found the perfect stroller in our price range that had adjustable height handles to accomodate me (5'-6") and DH (6'-5") and now I hate that stroller (Chicco Cortina) because it's SO HEAVY!

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  • We mostly use Walmart diapers, though I prefer Target, but don't always make it there to get some.  I did use Target formula which has a generic for several of the name-brand formulas.  That saved us a ton of money in that first year!  I used the Playtex Ventaire bottles, and they worked better for us than Dr. Browns.  And I love my graco travel system.  I think the diapers, formula and bottles are what you kind of have to decide as you go depending on your kid.  I also recommend the rock n' play sleeper for any baby who doesn't like to lay flat on their back or who has reflux like my son did!  Best $50 I have ever spent!  Good luck!
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  • I go generic as well.

    For diapers, I much prefer Target brand to Walmart brand, but they've re-done the Walmart brand since I had babies and I began using those in the end (with my toddler before potty-training) because I preferred Walmart wipes to Target wipes, so it was all in one trip. Easy!

    Swings... Fisher Price is more likely to have plug-in, or so I've been reading.

    Cribs... it's entirely a style choice more than anything. I like straight, even lines. Others like curvy. I've used cheap cribs and found them to my liking.

    Formula... We used Walmart brand, again because I rarely went to Target when my girls were little. I actually switched between Similac (WIC coupons) and the Walmart when I ran out, without any issues. DD never seemed to notice a difference. Of course, she was 6 months when I started using formula. Never used formula with my 2nd. 

    I also use generic lotion and baby wash and pretty much everything else. 

    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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