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new to this.... advice.

hi! I'm Amanda, I'm 22 and very excited to be a mom. i just found out the baby is due March 13th : I'm just looking for any advice u have for me. oh yeah! and it's a girll!!!

Re: new to this.... advice.

  • Welcome! I was due the 13th but it was moved up to the 11th.
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  • Congrats on your baby girl. Did you just find out that you are pregnant? That's very exciting! I had my first child at 20, and one thing I wish people would of told me was to do product research. I was buying things I never used, and expensive items that were crap. lol
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  • Hi! I'm also due March 13th and its my first, a Boy! I have been reading a lot and talking with others who have had babies recently for incite but feel I will go with what I feel is right or comfortable with. I agree I've gotten a whole lot of advice on product research, so doing that more now. It makes it easier and less overwhelming. 
  • Hey, I'm also 22!! My baby's due March 21st. IDK about advice, it's my first so i freak out about everything lol congrats on it being a girl. hopefully i'll find out tomorrow at my A/S!!
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  • Welcome, enjoy, and good luck!
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  • Welcome! One thing my cousin told me is that babies cry for something like 70% of the day. That's not to scare you or anything. It's nice to remember that it is normal for them to cry because they have no other way to communicate. IMO there is nothing wrong with a mom (or dad for that matter) putting the kid in the crib and walking away for a minute when frustrated. I totally did it more than once.
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