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Sign-up today for a bear that weighs the same as your baby*UPDATED*

For all of us who don't know about this organization, Molly Bears, a fellow loss mommy out of the state of Washington has started a non-profit from the passing of her daughter. Her organization makes bears in the weight of your child(ren) completely free of charge. The cost to make a bear is around $45 and they run strictly on donations, so if you can give, it is appreciated. The organization is on Facebook as well. I just found out about them by reading this board's blog and looking at the resources tab.

You can only sign-up for a bear on the 30th of every month. Knowing that, I wanted to post about it on here today because sign-ups are open today. I have been viewing the albums on her facebook page today and they bring tears to my eyes. Some mommy's even post stories about their bear <3 (wish we had a whole heart emoticon...not everything we post is about broken hearts).



I asked Mommy Bears a question on FB about their sign-up form and wanted to post it here for all to read in case you have the same question.


Hello, I heard about your organization from The Bump Loss Board. I have a few questions. Is the weight evenly distributed in the bears you make, or is it all in the butt? Not that this matters, I just suddenly became curious. Also, I noticed you have a special instructions section for the bears, specials details that may help us create your bear. I was wondering if you could give me some examples of what you mean by that? I see all the bears in your image gallery are different, and I didn't know if that stemmed from these instructions. I would like to be put an order in for one, but I want to make sure I understand this section before being submitted to your wish list. I can't remember what holding Lillian felt like and this breaks my heart everyday because I feel like I'm going to have more details slip away. Thank you for what you do for your fellow loss mommies.


I am so sorry to hear of your loss!

We distribute the weight throughout the bear.

The special instructions section is meant to give parents a chance to specify certain colors or symbols or themes which remind them of their angel. We try our best to incorporate these details into the design of the bear. Some examples of requests we receive are the colors pink, purple or blue, the symbols of butterflies or flowers, the themes of little monkey, princess or whinnie the pooh. These are just examples. Please include in this section anything which you feel represents Lillian. I hope this information helps.

Our order form is currently open. It opens the 30th of each month and remains open for 24 hours. Please do not feel rushed into filling out the form today. It will certainly be available again for you to complete next month.

Re: Sign-up today for a bear that weighs the same as your baby*UPDATED*

  • I have my Sydney bear made specifically for me and  my family from the Molly bear family. The founder of the organization is a wonderful woman named Bridget she lost her daughter Molly Christine she is just like us here on the loss board she understand the hurt an pain we are all feeling she is an amazing woman. If you haven't signed up you should.


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  • We got a weighted bear at the hospital that is about a pound less than Bradley was. I hold it all the time! 
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  • Awe I definitely would like one. Thanks for sharing this
  • I put my order in today. I did a donation in Devon's memory earlier this month as a part of their holiday donation drive, so I hope my bear is here before Christmas. What an amazing organization.

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  • I agree! Lillian's Daddy and I want to set up a non-profit. He has been wanting to find something more meaningful to do with his life for the last few years now. I've been looking at all these organizations that we've come into contact with since she returned to Heaven, and I admire what they have accomplished. It's so hard to think of something we want to do though, it seems like so many of our ideas are already being done.

     That's why I wrote the note asking for some feedback from fellow mommies/daddies on this board. We want to something awesome for other families. We want to pay it forward.

    Hoping you get your baby bear before Christmas!

  • image OSUWifey09:
    I put my order in today. I did a donation in Devon's memory earlier this month as a part of their holiday donation drive, so I hope my bear is here before Christmas. What an amazing organization.


    I did too! If I don't then at least I know some other loss mommy will get their bear! 

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  • Just an FYI that due to Hurricane Sandy, Molly Bears has extended their ordering time this month.
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