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Thanksgiving w/ a newborn (or newborns)

Most likely, we'll have babies that are a few weeks old by Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it will just be with immediate family. Am I crazy for considering joining everyone with our munchkins? Is anyone else going ahead w/ Thanksgiving even though the baby will only be a newborn?

Re: Thanksgiving w/ a newborn (or newborns)

  • I don't think you are crazy.  I had DD1 5 days before Christmas and still joined in all the festivities.  I'd say just take it as you go and how you feel.  If you are anything like me getting back to "normal" routines and activities really helped. 
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  • I think it will be just fine. We're in the same boat. My only advice is don't obligate yourself to any responsibilities. We told DH's family that we will celebrate Thanksgiving with them but we won't host and rather than cooking we would pick up the pre-made stuff, like drinks, rolls, etc.

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  • We are spending the holiday with the family. I am not sure how many people will be at my in-laws house, it could be anywhere from 15 to 30. I plan on keeping LO upstairs and not allowing him to be passed around for everyone to hold.
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  • If it were me, I'd go. You can wear the baby in a carrier or wrap, which is great for warding off grabby relatives.

    Also, don't hesitate to set some rules before you go... mine would be something like: nobody who is remotely sick holds my newborn, anyone who does hold the baby has to wash their hands/use sanitizer, if I say "no" I mean it.

    Remember: Nobody has the right to take your child out of your arms and/or refuse to give them back. I know I have some family members that I'd need to be "firm" with, and when it comes to my baby I won't hesitate. Also, have an "escape plan", just in case you get overwhelmed and need to leave. Even the most well-meaning family members can make you feel overwhelmed.

    Wow. My advice makes it sound like the holidays will be rough. It will probably go very well. Most importantly, enjoy your holidays. It's wonderful to get to show off your baby/share baby with loved ones. Just make sure that sharing is on your own terms!

    Good luck, and happy holidays!

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  • I would definitely go but I'd probably baby wear to try and limit exposure if there will be other kids around during the peak of sickness season. 

  • I'm hosting Thanksgiving & may have a newborn. There won't be a ton of people over & I figure I'll appreciate the help for a couple of days. I can't imagine the holidays without family around. 
  • I'm glad you asked this question!! I am in the same boat and hope I will be assertive enough to handle my husband's strong-willed family. At least he will be there to tell everyone what's what if necessary, but it still makes me nervous. And the younger kids are going to want to see the baby, which I can't exactly prevent, but if they are looking at him they will be breathing on him! Oh dear. 
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  • I don't think you're crazy at all... it's family and a good time for everyone to see the baby.  I'm due 3 days before Christmas.  I'm hoping I go a little early, and I fully intend to go to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Family. 

    I get to sit on my butt with DS and watch DD have fun.  Plus, LO and I can go nap if we need to. 

    I am against hiding away and not letting family see baby.  Everyone is excited!

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  • My family is all coming for Thanksgiving and I am due the week before. No one is staying at our house, and I think it will be nice that I can still eat a Thanksgiving meal!! I plan on babywearing and our house lends itself to me taking naps with LO away from all the festivities. I did tell everyone they had to get the whooping cough booster.
  • At my BFing class, the nurse warned us about holidays and babies getting sick. She suggested we use the following phrase, "the pediatrician said..." and fill in the blank. "The pediatrician said, 'don't pass the baby around'", etc. This will help take the focus off you being the super protective parent. 

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  • I'm due right after, but if I have the baby early, I may pass on going out.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I may order one of those pre-done dinners from our local store and do a lowkey at home - either way, if I have a newborn or if I'm just about to.  My family is loud, obnoxious (but really fun), I just don't think I will be in the mood for all that so early on.  DH family is the type that will rip the baby out of your hands thinking they are doing you a favor or tell you to "put your feet up" and "better get rest", etc. and definitely won't be in the mood for that either.
  • If LO comes that early, she'd still be full term, but I'd be paranoid with germs. So probably not. Plus if this recover goes as badly as last time, heck no. I am crossing my fingers that this recovery will be smooth though. I think it's up to you in the end though.

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  • We are planning on attending Thanksgiving unless LO or myself isn't feeling up to it. I've got some very excited family members who cannot wait to get their hands all over LO. Although it kind of makes me cringe I know they are just very excited!

    Like PP said I think it will be nice to get out of the house at that point.

    MMM I want some mashed potatoes.


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  • I definately want to go with mine(: It'll be a good chance for family to meet him, I think
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  • While we aren't driving to my parents house 4 hours away (weather in PA is bad at that time, DD1 is a terrible sleeper out of her room and I don't need added sleeplessness with a newborn and it's DH's 5year HS reunion that weekend), we will be joining everything with DHs family! You are not crazy. I think it's crazy to think we are all invalids with new babies :-) Just don't pass LO around from hand to hand to avoid too many germs.
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  • I am due November 25th but being induced on the 14th and we will be attending both of the Thanksgivings our families are having. The immediate family members have or will have their flu and tdap shots by the end of this week but the rest won't. I plan on carrying hand sanitizer and making everyone use it before they touch LO. If anyone even seems remotely under the weather they aren't coming near us. I also have an escape plan which includes the phrases " the doctor said," "LO needs to take a nap," "LO needs to be changed," and "I need to breastfeed LO." Go with what feels right for you! 
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  • I will most likely have my baby the week of Thanksgiving and it's never even occurred to me to not attend our family Thanksgiving, assuming I'm not in the hospital and the baby is fine.  Additionally, I've always been pretty open to having other people hold my babies so I've never really set forth rules regarding that or anything. 

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  • My DS was 6 weeks at Thanksgiving - I was just happy to get out of the house and see everyone :)
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  • I'm due on the 8th, I plan on bringing babygirl to the festivities. I'm actually looking forward to it. It will be the first time everyone will see her!
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  • imagegrowbeangrow:
    Most likely, we'll have babies that are a few weeks old by Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it will just be with immediate family. Am I crazy for considering joining everyone with our munchkins? Is anyone else going ahead w/ Thanksgiving even though the baby will only be a newborn?

    I do not plan to participate in Thanksgiving, as my DD is less than a week before then.  If close family wants to come visit, fine.  My advice, I would totally play it by ear.  From my experience, everyday brings a slew of new emotions post partum, and you may feel up to it one day, and not the next.  I agree with PPs about not bringing the babies around a bunch of germs.  SO not worth it to get them sick.  Just my opinion, based off my experience.  You do not want an ill newborn (or 2 in your case). 

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  • I would go - just make sure no one who is sick is around them and that everyone else washes/sanitizes!
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  • My SIL hosted Thanksgiving with her newborn. It was not a big deal.
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  • I'm due December 5th, and the plan is to travel 9 hours to be with our families for Christmas/New Years. We'll have my mom along to help with the driving/making sure everything is good with baby in the back seat stuff. Of course, plans will totally change should something happen/we change our minds, but thats the plan thus far. ;) 

    I don't think you're crazy!  

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  • I am due November 25th. I will not be going to my family's house for thanksgiving. They all live 7 hrs away. I will be  bringing the baby to them for Christmas though.
  • we're having all the grandparents over (their request), but i told them the most they're getting from me is yoga pants & turkey sandwiches. ;) just keep your head and if the baby or you get overwhelmed, don't feel bad about leaving. you'll still be recovering and it may be too much or it may be a great distraction!
  • I don't plan on it this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite too, but judging from my past recoveries from birth, I need a few weeks to even feel comfortable to sit down, fit in clothes, etc. Usually I have lots of stitches and 1 week later I would be very uncomfortable. I am due a week before Thanksgiving. I am all about orfering takeout. My sister is flying in to help us and maybe my mom might come over, so we may eat a takeout Cracker Barrel Thanksgivng together. If Dh's parents wanted to stop by and see the baby that is fine but we already told them to count us out this year. Usually we host. Lots of illnesses are already rampant right now and a family Thanksgiving would be about 25-30 people. Not worth the risk of sickness and I know I would be overwhelmed because they would be very offended if I didn't pass the baby around to be held. I'm already being labeled "controlling" from Dh family bc we asked the grandparents to get whooping cough vax. They have never heard of any other family member getting that shot with a newborn, so I am being over-protective. So, if a couple at a time want to stop by, great! But we are staying in. Not even sure I will bring the baby to the family Christmas Eve party at 4 weeks.
  • Just b/c you have a newborn doesn't mean your life should stop.  Enjoy the holidays with your family.  You'll probably find plenty of hands that want to take LO off yours so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  Gauge how you feel...whenyou are tired or need some peace, go home or find a room to crash in since it's all close relatives.  They'll understand.
  • You?re not weird at all. I don?t think there is anything is wrong with wanting to be with your family; it just depends on your preference. We?re due Nov 12 and have decided not to see family this Thanksgiving. We will be traveling for Christmas.

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