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East Coast Friends

How are you all doing?  I know the storm is still moving, but wanted to know how you are doing...i.e. are you and your families doing ok.

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A few failed IUIs summer 2012 and 2013. 
DH taking clomid and waiting to see if he needs another vericocele repair. 
Hoping for a 2015 baby or babies. 
Wishing, hoping, waiting.

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Re: East Coast Friends

  • We are ok. Still have power and little property damage. Very thankful. On another note my appt for bloodwork and ultrasound were cancelled so I'm nervous because this IVF thing is new to me. Hope those follies are ok
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    We are okay.  Lost power, but it has been restored.  Myself and DS are home for the second day in a row due to local schools closing..  :)
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  • We are in the middle of NC and we just had minimal wind damage. Our coast is trashed! My SO was supposed to head to PA yesterday (he's a truck driver) and they canceled his run. Thank goodness! I hope everyone is ok! I know most of my friends in PA are ok, just without power!
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  • In northern NJ. Thankfully we didn't get a lot of rain but the winds were crazy. We have no power at my sisters house for a few hours to recharge our phones. I work in lower Manhattan and my building is flooded which wouldn't have made a difference since the subways are a mess. Ugh ... I'm hoping things go back to normal soon.
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  • We just had our power restored an hour ago. No power or running water since Monday afternoon. We only had minor damage...a few small trees down, branches everywhere, portion of our fence ripped off and some missing shingles off the roof. Thankfully my family is safe. My mother-in-laws house on the other hand is destroyed. Her roof was ripped off and her entire upper floor was exposed and damaged. She lives in that second floor and now everything is gone. Thankfully she wasn't home when it happened. She was staying at my sister-in-laws house during "Sandy"
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