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Are you going to celebrate Halloween with your LO?

How hard is it to celebrate a holiday that may not be very popular in your host country?
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Re: Are you going to celebrate Halloween with your LO?

  • This will be one of the first holidays we celebrate outside the US.  Being DD's first Halloween, I wanted to get a costume for her.  I was talking to some of the locals I know here in Scotland and they said that Halloween has gotten a lot more popular here in the last couple of years.  This also might be because there is a large expat community in Aberdeen.

    I might have told DH that Halloween was very popular here to justify why I came home with several large bags of candy...

    Tomorrow I plan on taking DD to an expat get together coffee in her costume, then I will attempt a photo shoot back at the house to take pics to send to family. DH said he wanted to take her around the block in her buggy in costume when he comes home from work too.



    sibling love  

  • We dressed her up as a pumpkin and took her to a Halloween party over the weekend.  We didn't know anyone so the only good things bout it really were that she got to play with other kids and the pizza hut and cupcakes they served!  

     She's also so small she couldn't do any of the games or crafts.  I was just hoping we'd socialize a bit more, but oh well, it was still fun. 

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  • An expat friend is throwing a Halloween party this weekend, so they'll dress up when we go to that. Last year, their preschool/nursery had dress-up on Halloween, but they got a lot of complaints from parents about having two dress-up days and thus needing two costumes in a single year. (The horror!) The ways Danes celebrate Carnival is a lot like Halloween, so a lot of them don't see the point. BUT Tivoli opens every fall break with a Halloween theme, and we always go. We got some really great pics of the girls with all the pumpkins and stuff, though they didn't dress up for that. I've heard that there is actually TorT in some neighbourhoods, but we've never gotten any kids at our door.
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  • oops, sorry, just saw this and posted something similar above...
    b/w=FSH 15.6, AMH 0.4 surprise natural BFP on 3/12/11
    DS born via unplanned C-section at 40w6d


  • It's not big here but we're hosting a Halloween party on Sat for E's baby friends. It's going to be a nice GTG because almost al the parents have gone back to work so it's hard to see the mums.
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  • dd refused to put on the lamb costume my Mom sent, so that's a bummer

    but we did carve a pumpkin & had a few trick or treaters :)

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