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Our "drive by" unplanned med-free birth

Charlotte Rose was born on 10/25 at 37w0d weighing 5lb 10oz and measuring 18 inches long (EDD was 11/15)

Cliff Notes Version
water broke: 7:45am
first contraction: 7:48am
got to hospital: 9:15am
brought back to triage: 9:30am
baby born: 9:49am

Here's how it all went down
I had a smooth pregnancy until 29w when an u/s showed my cervix was shortening. I was put on bed rest from 29-36 weeks to keep baby cooking. Once bed rest was lifted, I spent the following week catching up on nesting, cleaning, and running errands that I hadn't been allowed to do while on bed rest. My birthday was on 10/24 and that night DH and I celebrated the fact that our baby was still on the inside and that we didn't share a birthday (I wouldn't mind sharing, but my birthday happened to coincide with my last day of being pre-term, which I wanted to make it past).

The following morning on 10/25 I hit full term. I got up to use the bathroom and my water broke when I stood up at around 7:45. I called the doctor and they sent me to L&D. I decided to take a quick shower and grab a few last minute things which took me about 20 minutes - during that time my contractions started, and quickly got super bad and it was hard to time them because they seemed to never stop. I had no contractions besides BH prior to 7:45am.

DH drove to the hospital (most.painful.thing.ever - I swear it felt like he hit every bump, but I know he didn't). Made it to the hospital and had to wait to register at the desk because the on-call doctor forgot to call ahead to say I was coming in. DH had to give all my information and practically move my hand to sign waivers and consents because I was in so much pain. Finally the receptionist called back for a triage nurse saying "she looks....really....uncomfortable". I think I was just scaring the other people in the waiting area and they wanted to get rid of me haha.

The nurse came out to get me and she walked/dragged me to triage and I couldn't even get on the bed - I felt a lot of pain and pressure. I was standing with my forearms on the bed in so much pain. She told me to stop bearing down to which I replied that I wasn't trying to and my body was just doing it. At that comment, the nurse basically threw me on the bed and tore off my pants to do a cervical check. I was fully dilated and crowning! At this point it was around 9:30. She called for help and wheeled me to find a delivery room, but they were all full (cue panic) so the only place they could take me was the OR. All the nurses and doctors suited up (there must have been 20 people in there, everyone kicked into emergency mode and wanted to help) and DH had to gown up because the OR was a sterile environment. They moved me to the operating table (still in my shirt and bra... no time for a gown!) and tried to start an IV (I tested GBS+, which I managed to yell to them at some point) but there wasn't time. They couldn't find her heartbeat because of her positioning in the birth canal so they told me I had to push and get her out, ASAP.

I started pushing but was terrified of the pain (I had planned on getting an epidural, but obviously that didn't happen). The nurses started saying "I can see her hair! You HAVE to do this, it's the only way to stop the pain". This got me hopeful so I pushed again. I just remember yelling "someone help me, I can't do this!" to which my ever-silly husband yelled back "you can DO this! You're a CHAMP!!" I grabbed my legs and pushed with every ounce of strength I had - 2 more pushes and out she came at 9:49am! They were right, by the way... the pain relief is immediate!

My husband got to cut the cord, and our daughter whimpered and got to hang out with me on my chest for a few minutes while the chaos calmed down. I was in major shock because everything happened so quickly. It was all very surreal. They brought her to get weighed and cleaned, and the nurse asked all my health questions like allergies, health conditions, etc - better late than never, right?? I ended up with a second degree tear and a few stitches because labor was so quick, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (really).

Needless to say, it was not the delivery I had pictured having, especially as a first time mom. I was picturing hours of labor, an epidural, a private room to deliver in, etc. Nope! Ended up being a natural "drive by" birth as they called it that lasted 2 hours from water breaking to delivery. Our nurse who was in charge of me after labor also happened to be present for the delivery, and she came to visit us in recovery the next day. We had a great time piecing together the previous morning and laughing at how ridiculous my birth was, especially considering I was a FTM. She told me to never tell my friends that I had a 2 hour labor because it's not how things happen!

Our birth story will always be something we can look back at and laugh about (now), and I'm just thankful that everything ended up being alright. 



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