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First night of Follistim..Advice?

This evening I take my first dose ever of follistim. I have been taking clomid days 5-9 this cycle and my RE is adding in the follistim to help my ovaries that respond to clomid respond more. That is basically what he said. 

I have never taking follistim. I have watched the video on my RE's site of how to administer it. Seems rather similar to Ovidrel except it's a pen not a syringe. 
My questions are have any of you done clomid/follistim combo? Those of you that have taken follistim are there s/e's? 
Should I take it earlier in the day? Or does the time not matter much?

Anything you have to offer of your experience with follistim or the clomid/follistim protocol is appreciated!  

TIA! :) 

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Re: First night of Follistim..Advice?

  • I do not have follistim experience yet but will be starting follistim once AF arrives.  Keep me posted on your experience.
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  • 1) I've only done follistim alone.

    2) I don't think I have any s/e. Maybe bloat can be attributed to that, but that's NBD. 

    3) I would take mine in the evening before bed.

    4) I took mine out of the fridge at dinner time so it could come to room temp. I also always had to have DH administer it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it to myself. I'd count backward from 5. It doesn't really hurt. I just psych myself out. :P


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