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Toddler Bed... Waste of Money?

I'm full of questions today.

I was told that a toddler bed was a waste of money and I should just jump right into a twin or a full.  Opinions?  Their reasoning was that they grow out of toddler beds so fast that they're not used for long enough to justify the cost. 

PS... we're not planning on moving him till next kid is ready for the crib, and I'm not even pregnant yet... BUT I do have a climber, so once he starts trying to and/or getting out of the crib, I will move him to a bed as a safety precaution. 

Anyway, your thoughts on toddler beds?

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Re: Toddler Bed... Waste of Money?

  • Our crib converts to a toddler bed, so we will use it. I probably wouldn't buy a new toddler bed- I'd go straight to a twin UNLESS there was going to be another LO to pass it down to. Then I could see it being worth the money.
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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with going straight to a twin or full, but I also don't think a toddler bed is a waste of money because I don't find them to be very expensive (obviously there are expensive ones, but you can get a decent one for $100).  

    We will be using one because we were lucky to have one given to us, but I would still probably have bought one.  I think they're a nice bridge between a crib and a regular bed, even though not necessary. 

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  • I would only use one if someone gave it to me/had one to borrow etc.

    We're going straght to a regular bed. I have 2 in my house currently unused at any given time. I don't see the need to buy another.

  • Our crib converted but we still went straight to a twin bed when we transitioned from the crib. I love it. We cuddle up on it every night to read a couple books before bed and if he's sick or scared, I can climb in and sleep with him.  If you don't have a crib that converts, there is really no reason to spend the extra money on a toddler bed.

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  • We went straight to a twin when we moved DS.  We just started by putting the mattress on the floor and then added the box springs later.  When we were certain he wasn't going to fall out, we added the bed frame.



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  • image SarahL77:
    Our crib converts to a toddler bed, so we will use it. I probably wouldn't buy a new toddler bed I'd go straight to a twin UNLESS there was going to be another LO to pass it down to. Then I could see it being worth the money.

    This is what we plan to do as well. If the crib didnt convert, we wouldn't spend the on a toddler bed. And when we have another LO we'll just be another convertible crib.

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  • We got a toddler bed from a friend, DD was coming and needed the crib.  It was horrible and I and DS hated it.  He used it for about 2 months.  It was a battle ever night and the 'side rail' on it was too small and DS would move so much in his sleep, he'd be half out of the bed and then wake up.  We moved him to a full bed with a full bed rail and it was a night and day difference. 

    With DD we will probably remove the front rail and put up a side rail and keep her in her crib for a while when the time comes.  It does convert into a full bed, but I don't really like it, so we'll be getting both kids new bedroom sets in a few years.  IMHO, toddler beds are a waste of money.

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  • Our crib converts to a toddler bed, so we didn't have to spend any extra money. But, I do think they have benefits for some children. We moved my DD1 when she was two, and she would have had a hard time going into a twin bed at that age. Her transition to the toddler bed was non-existent, which was a blessing b/c I didn't want to deal with any more sleepless nights at that time.

    They have some that use crib mattresses and are around $50 or so, in which case it might be worth it if your LO would have a hard time going to a twin bed. You could also try to find a used one. I've seen a lot of cute ones at consignment stores that have princesses on them or are shaped like cars, etc.  To me, $50 is worth not having to worry about a transition, even if it's only used for a few years (DD is 3 and is still in a toddler bed and we don't plan on moving her any time soon). 


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  • Our crib converts to a toddler bed.  But we went right to a twin box spring and mattress on the floor.  When he gets a bit older we will put it in a frame.
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  • Our crib also converts to a toddler bed, so our kids will use them. But no, I certainly wouldn't buy one separately. DD is tall and I have to assume she'll be too big for the toddler bed by 3y. If our crib didn't convert, I'd go straight to twin.
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  • Honestly, I think doing anything other than just converting the crib is a waste of money.  Having another baby?  Buy another crib.  Much cheaper than buying a toddler bed and then a twin bed

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  • DD1 is a 3-year old giant (95% percentile) ans is still in her (crib-converted-to) toddler bed. So you can get some use out of it. Especially if you're going to use it with more than one LO. I am, however, thinking she will get a twin size bed within the next few months. I could have switched her earlier, but the girls share a room that isn't that big, so I chose to hold out for as long as I could.

    I will admit that if I didn't have a convertible crib, I think I would have gone straight to a twin size bed (not a full, because it just seems so big lol)

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  • We aren't doing a toddler bed.  Twin sized, either with breathable side rails or mattress on floor.

    We do have a friend who is going to give us hers, if thats the case I'm all for it.  I just can't see spending more $ for it.  We do have a convertible crib, but I'm choosing on not converting it, until we are through using it as a crib (for our last kid we will convert)  I'm really not into buying a new crib for every new baby I may have.

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  • I think purchasing one is kind of money. I would rather spend the extra $$ on a twin or full and buy rails.

  • I think they're a waste. We moved DD to a double bed at 13 months with no issues.
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  • Our cribs convert to toddler beds but if they didn't I'd probably just find a used one on craigslist. I think it really depends on how well your LO adjusts to changes cause I think moving from a crib straight to a twin/full might be a little too much for some toddlers but I also think others adjust easier to change so it really depends.
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