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uterine polyps? (ETA new ?)

Anyone have these?  Today I went in for a repeat HSG and the RE found a uterine polyp.  I have to go back on Monday for a saline u/s to see if it needs to be removed.  Would love to hear anyone's experiences as dr. google has freaked me out already!  

ETA: if you had them removed, how long was your recovery?  Did they make you wait to start trying?  I am on BCP now and hopefully starting a Nov 15th IVF cycle, do you think this will effect this?   I am hoping we find out Monday and if they have to be removed this can be done asap.

Thank you everyone for the responses so far!  It is not as scary hearing about these from yall! 


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Cycle #11 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
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Re: uterine polyps? (ETA new ?)

  • No need to freak out, although if you're like me, it's the fear of the unknown, so to speak, that's worse than knowing.  FWIW, I had a uterine polyp when I did my first IVF.  I had gone through BCPs, and had my saline sonogram when it was discovered.  My RE immediately had me (within days) get a hysteroscopy/D&C to clean out the uterus (the polyp and assorted "stuff").  The reason she wanted to do it was out of concern that the embryo would have a hard time finding a place to stick to in the uterus if all that stuff was in the way.

    Long story short, I had the procedure, waited an extra cycle for my lining to build back up, then it was full steam ahead for IVF #1, which resulted in DD 9 months later.

    So, IMO, if you need to remove the polyp, don't worry, it's for the best.  It's a pretty simple and painless procedure (I had general anesthesia), and in my case, it was worth it.  GL to you!

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  • ::lurking::

    I also had a polyp removed via d&c over the summer. The RE felt that with so many c/p's, the polyp might be in the way of implantation. Still had another c/p after the polyp was removed though....

    The polyp was also sent out for testing just in case and the results were benign. I just had the 'twilight sedation' for the procedure and felt fine pretty quickly that same day, just a little tired.
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  • This was part of my diagnosis when ttc#1. I had a couple of polyps so my OB wanted to do an HSC to remove them and do a LAP at the same time to see if I had endo since he thought I was exhibiting some symptoms. My recovery was rough because of the LAP, but my understanding is that the HSC is a much less invasive procedure which doesn't require general anesthesia.

    I got pg the second cycle after the surgery w/o meds. I would definitely do it to make sure there is nothing preventing an embryo from attaching. GL!

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  • e74e74 member
    I've had them twice and have had two d&c/hysteroscopys.  It really isn't that bad-  felt fine shortly after the procedure.  It was as someone else said here, so that the embryo has a place to implant.
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  • To answer your follow up question: I don't think you need that long to recover if you are just doing the HSC. I had a 6 wk post surgery apt with my OB at which point he gave me a scrip for clomid. I would have started it the next cycle if I hadn't already gotten pg.

    If I remember correctly I wasn't supposed to have sex during that 6 wk window, but that was due to the LAP part.  By that point I was too far in my cycle to start the clomid.

    I hope it doesn't effect your being able to cycle for IVF. :)

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