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Officially in the 2ww.

I am only 2-3 DPO.  I am having ha's, twinges, sore boobs, someone commented on my frequent trips to the bathroom.  I have felt over the past week or so that I have been retaining water.  Maybe it's just all coming out now after I have ovulated.  It could be from the pregnitude I suppose.  My scale is 3 lbs heavier.  I am hoping it is not because I came off the met. 

Happy Friday everyone Party!!!.     


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Re: Officially in the 2ww.

  • Good luck! I hope the 2 weeks fly by for you!

    Dx: PCOS and short luteal phase
    18 cycles (3 with our RE) - Metformin + Clomid + HCG booster did the trick!
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    TTC #2 since Dec 2011
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  • good luck!  i am also in the 2ww as of yesterday.  
    TTC baby #2 since July 2011, DX: low AMH
    BFP 1/21/13, blighted ovum m/c 2/12/13
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  • I'm in the 2WW also and go Wednesday for beta's. Ive been having lots of action in my ovaries and slight cramping but Im also on 300 mg 3x a day Progestrone so that could be causing my cramps etc... Goodluck!

    Dx Endometriosis & MTHFR (2) Mutations 1st IUI BFP!! Beta& Pro levels low taking Endometrin vaginal inserts & b/w every 2 days... 9/12/09 Spontaneous Miscarriage @ 5.5 weeks AF arrivied 10/11/09 (30 days after m/c) 2nd IUI 10/24/09 BFP!! 11/6/09 1st Beta 8, 2nd Beta 28 3rd beta 51, 4TH Beta 327! & 5th Beta 800 , 6th Beta 338 :(on Endometrin vaginal inserts 200 mg twice a day, 2nd M/C 11/25/09 Starting taking BA, 5mg Folic acid, b12 & b9 along with prenatal. Hopefully this will help! M/C 11/25/09 AF SHOWED 26 DAYS AFTER MC, 3RD IUI SCHEDULED FOR 1/4/10 GOD PLEASE GRANT ME MY WISH! 3RD IUI =BFN 4th IUI on 2/2/10 in the 2WW Please let this be it. Keeping fingers crossed. 2/16/10 = BFP! 1st Beta 146, 2nd Beta 510, 3rd Beta 1808 & Pro 35, 4th Beta 12,000 & Pro 28, 3/2/10 1st u/s poss 2 sacs 1 hb @ 117!!! yay! Praying this is our sticky baby! We love you Baby! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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