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My Natural birth; Welcoming Charlotte Grace

Hello all,

So I had gone in on Oct.23 @ 9am for an OB appt, she offered to do a cervical check, I accepted. She was very rough and I think she did a sweep although she didnt say she did. My previous check was quick and painless but oh well. I later went to walk the mall with my mother and kept feeling uncomforteable contractions. I was timing them but once they got close a random one would break them up so I just kept restarting, resting, changing positions annd eating. Eventually I called gave my OB a headsup she of course said stay home another hr and call again if anything changes. I was irritated cause since my exam they had increased. So I waited and they got more painful throughout my butt and back so I went in. Also I forgot to add I was persistant on going in asap cause I had just found out that day I tested positive for GBS, and I labor quickly and when your positive you have to get an IV flushed through you and get the full dose.

 So I went in knowing it was increasing and I wanted to be safe not sorry. Got checked in had went from a 2cm 40%effaced from my appt to a 3cm and 70% she said walk or w/e for an hour then if no change i'll be sent home. Got rechecked was a 4 so got admitted and started IV process etc. I'd say about 10 was when I got admitted. I did go all natural as I had with my previous 2, so I labored on the ball , while standing and in there awesome jet tubs. I made it to a 7 when they increased big time and I stayed at that for maybe an hr so she broke my waters and within 5min or less got that pushing urge she checked and I was a 10.


Thank god her head was so tiny but man it's the worst pain ever. I literally pooped. . .pee'd. . . and once I made room for her releasing so much pushed her right out. I also had a lot of blood clots which was different from my other deliveries. After delivering the placenta and when they do the abdomen "massage" I had a lot of blood and clots come out, poor nurses got squirted w/ every possible fluid my body could create. Embarrassing to say the least.Had her @ 4:52am Oct 24th and we are now home and resting. She is also a nursing champ and milk has already started coming in.

P.S No stitches YAY

Re: My Natural birth; Welcoming Charlotte Grace

  • Congrats on your baby girl. Love the name as well. 
  • Perfect!!! Big SATC fan, I'm guessing!!!
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  • Congrats!! And I agree about that pushing feeling! It is the worst pain ever and feels like you are giving birth out your butt!
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