The best formula for breastfed babies? How?

Our almost 10 month old is not gaining weight rapidly enough.  I suspect it may be my breast milk.  She doesn't nurse for very long and only 5-6x a day.  Granted she's eating 3-4 solid meals a day.  I just have the suspicion that she isn't getting enough milk.  It was recommended that we go on a formula supplement but I was given no guidance. I remember something being in the news about formula but I need to go get some ASAP to help put some weight on her.  Even though she eats constantly she is barely on the chart for weight at all for her age.  Favorite formulas??  And how to go about introducing it?
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Re: The best formula for breastfed babies? How?

  • How tall is she? is the height/weight charts matching up? My daughter was always below the line on height AND weight, but since they were complimentary, I never worried about her gaining more weight (also because I am short and I knew I'd wind up with a little peanut). If she is eating enough and feeling full, I wouldn't worry unless your doctor specifically said that she has some kind of nutrient deficiency, or unless she is grossly underweight for her height.
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  • My daughter just went in for her 9 month checkup and she had only gained a couple ounces from her 6 month checkup. (She also only nurses 5x a day) The doctor said that she is healthy and there is nothing to worry about. Like PP said I wouldn't supplement unless something else is wrong.

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  • At 10 months I'd say add some fat to her diet like pp said.  But to answer your question we have used Enfamil with DS when I don't have enough pumped milk on hand and I'm at work.  He does just fine with it.
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