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Chrysler Town & Country

Anyone have one?  If so, do you like it?  Are there any options you love or wish you had bought?  

 Any issues with it?  If so, what year and mileage is it?

We are looking at getting a used 2011 or 2012 Touring Limited edition (with all the goodies--only way I can justify driving a minivan :)  We will have a 4 year old, 18 month old and newborn, as well as a dog to haul around with us. 


Re: Chrysler Town & Country

  • i dont know about the T&C, but we bought a Dodge Grand Caravan SXE back in march. We have a 4yr old, 3yr old, and a baby on the way. I currently babysit an 18month old boy 3days a week, so he often has to come w/ me to drop off DD and pick her up from Pre-K. I LOVE MY VAN, its awesome. It more than accomoadates all the kids, has the fold down dvd player which is great for keeping the kids quiet on long trips, it has the stow and go seats (WHICH ARE AWESOME!!!). I never realized how much i needed one of these vans until i got one. We took the kids camping over the summer and it was great to be able to fit everyone plus all our camping stuff in the van! i dont know about the T&C, but i thought i'd share my van review lol. 
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  • Thanks so much!  The T&C and Grand Caravan are essentially the same car, so it's great to hear a positive review.  Seems like everyone around here drives an Odyssey or Sienna.  For the price, we really like the finishes on the T&C better, but are hoping it is reliable!
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  • We got an Odyssey this summer. I agree that the T&C had the best "finishes," for sure, and was very nice inside, but we really, really wanted a usable middle seat in the second row. I wanted to be able to sit between two carseats now, and then, when the older kids move back, be able to sit next to the infant as needed in the second row and still reach the kids in back. We plan to take out out one second-row side seat when the baby arrives and move the other 2 kids to the back. The Odyssey was the only one that really gave us a usable third seat and we have been happy with our choice. 
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  • We have a VW Routan, which is almost identical to the TC. VW just changed the exterior a little and rebranded it. We had planned to get the TC, but ended up with a better deal on the Routan. I love my minivan. It's so convenient with kids. We love the sliding doors and all the extra cargo space. Now I just have to figure out how to fit 2 rfing seats in it for this March.
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  • I have the T&C and really like it.  We looked at the caravan too but agree that this just looks and feels a little better.  I negotiated to get heated seats added on for free--and LOVE them!  I do kind of wish I would have negotiated for the GPS though.  They were giving away sirius xm for 12 mos--and now I'm addicted.  LOVE it.  We've only used the DVD player once but that's by choice--a great feature to have!  I kind of wish we had double rows of the DVD player. 

    The gas mileage is great for a mini van too--so that's a bonus.

  • I've had one for a few years, (Dodge Grand Caravan, 03, 250+kms). I will not miss it. All the features I like about it are available on other vehicles. I do love having AWD and power everything, and the entertainment system, but there are other things that bother me now than they would have when we only had two kids.

    I don't like that there is so little cargo space. Add some groceries in with a stroller, and seats that lean slightly back. A pain. Add the fact that there are only three upper tether positions in the entire vehicle. Just dumb, and you can't retrofit them either. I don't like that the top tether position for the 3rd row is in the middle, it's a difficult install.

    That's just a fraction of my vents over this vehicle after having it for 6 years. 

  • We have a T&C, a 2010 and love it!! It's easy to get the kids in and out of, has lots of storage, great extras, we use the DVD player a lot, it was back up camera, etc.

     I would highly recommend it! I hate that I love my van, know what I mean? I always swore up and down that I would never drive a van but I do love it and it works for our family.

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  • We just got a Sienna and LOVE it!!! Never thought I would say that about a min-van. ;)
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