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First time PCS'ing out of country and pregnant!

So my DH is in the Army, and we have been stationed in Colorado for 5 years now, patiently waiting for orders to move. Well today we received orders to move to GERMANY!!! YAY! Super excited about that, but what I'm not excited about, our move date is set for February, when I'm due....go figure! I just knew they would do that to us lol. He is going to talk to them and hopefully we can get it pushed up to go before little one gets here. Plus this is our first time going out of the country, so now I have to figure out where to start!

Germany! ECK!!!!

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Re: First time PCS'ing out of country and pregnant!

  • I PCS'ed to Germany when I was 27 weeks pregnant.  DD1 was born at Landstuhl and we had a great experience!  I PCS'ed from Germany to SC just a couple months ago at about 15 weeks pregnant.  We loved loved loved Germany!  Hopefully they can do something about your dates.  Let me know if you have any questions.
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  • Thank you so much! I'm sure I have like 500 questions i could ask! lol.

    Brian Shawn 15 years old; Ethan Jonathon 10 years old; Greyson Conrad 5 years old; Keegan Ryan 3 years old

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  • Guten Tag!  We are here now and really love it.  As I'm sure you know, each duty station is what you make of it.

     As far as PCSing around your due date, you need to get that changed.  We were set to PCS when I was 32 weeks with #2 but my OB did not like that since #1 was born at 35 weeks (we drove from Alaska to TX).  All we needed was a letter from the OB stating when he thought the best travel time was and we were able to move our date up by 2 months.  

    Good luck and feel free to ask any questions about Deutschland! 

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  • Welcome!

    We PCS'ed when I was 18 weeks pregnant, and I had my son at a German hospital (no military hospital here). We are in Stuttgart. Please feel free to ask questions here or send a PM.

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  • We were stationed in Vilseck and I did the majority of my pregancy there. The clinic on base is great at getting you started on which hospital you need to go to and they set you up with a doctor. I didn't deliver over there becuase my husband deployed so I came home but I had several friends who did and they had great experiances. Hope all goes will for you!

  • I was really sad to be leaving my prenatal care when i was in Germany. We were in Wiesbaden and that means you get a German OB and you deliver in a German hospital. I loved my OB in Wiesbaden. I left Germany in June, so if you have any questions let me know.
  • Where are you PCSing to? I am currently stationed in Wiesbaden and 17 weeks pregnant. I LOVE my doctors (German, not military)... please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!!
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  • We're going to Ansbach/Katterbach. We did get it moved up to Jan, so that's a plus! But good lord it is sooo hard trying to get everything done that we need to when you work full time! Crying Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

    Brian Shawn 15 years old; Ethan Jonathon 10 years old; Greyson Conrad 5 years old; Keegan Ryan 3 years old

  • I'm stationed in Kaiserslautern and just gave birth at Landstuhl's hospital and I had a wonderful experience.

    I would recommend you look on the facebook pages to get lots of great info. 

    Some that I am in are American Army Wives in Germany, and New and Expecting Mommies in Germany. The first one has tons and tons of great info on PCSing to a variety of different places around the country. The second may help you more if you have specific questions about giving birth over here as it gets closer.

    Good luck on moving your date earlier. Hopefully you can come early, so you don't get stuck there for longer than your H waiting on baby to be born and passport to come in. 

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