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Help-what to say?**pg mentioned**

Hi, I am hoping to get some help for a family situation. 

My cousin lost her youngest daughter, Hannah, in a car accident last June.  This past August she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  My aunt is having a party for her and the baby this Saturday. This part of our family lives out of state so we don't see them often - maily just trade emails, FB posts, etc. and this is the first time we will all be together since the funeral last year.

What do I say to my cousin, her husband, my aunt?  We are beyond thrilled for the new addition but I know my aunt is espcially still struggling with the loss.  Any help in how to properly naviagte this party is much appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • Everyone is different, but I really love when people bring up my daughter. Maybe you could say something as simple as "I am so happy to meet [new baby]. I know we all wish Hannah could be here to celebrate with us and her baby brother."

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  • Maybe a way to break the ice on this one is saying something like, "we're so happy you are welcoming another child into your lives" or "Hannah's little brother is beautiful". Something that acknowledges you haven't forgotten about Hannah and that this baby isn't their first.
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