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Budget friendly Christmas Ideas for 3 1/2 girl...

Yep, I'm an early shopper, DD is just over 3 1/2 (March bday).

She's HUGE into princess stuff (Ariel particularly).  She loves her books, puzzles. 

So far, I've bought a Cinderella dress because that's the one thing she keeps asking for.

We don't have much $ to spend this year, so I'd rather get her several smaller ($25 and under) gifts so that she has several packages to open from Santa :)


Re: Budget friendly Christmas Ideas for 3 1/2 girl...

  • There are tons of little Princess dolls taht are around $10-15; I'd get some dolls, some dress up stuff (doesn't have to be branded stuff - just glittery stuff from anywhere), some paints, puzzles, books and stuffed animals.
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  • watch for sales of when you buy this get this free, see if there are coupons for the item as well. I got a barbie and ken from tru when they had the 1/2 sale (prices were good and i had rewards dollars) As long as the first item is not that expensive it might be worth it.
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  • These combo sets are pretty neat: https://www.target.com/p/disney-princess-toddler-doll-dress-combo-rapunzel/-/A-13556015#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=disney toddler doll costume

    I think if you spend $30 at Toys R Us on princess stuff, you get a free small princess doll.  I'm not sure how long that promotion lasts. 

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  • When my DD was younger I shopped at the $store and scored on books, coloring books, small games and other craft supplies.  At that age sometimes its not the $$$ amount that matters, but the amount that they get to open.  This year I am just getting my DD what I think she will like, what is on sale and one or two things that she really wants, which are some of the cheapest things on her list.
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  • Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!  This helps a lot.  Like PP said, it's not always the $$ with DD, it's more having more things for her to open, I want to make Santa a big deal this year for her since this year she kind of 'get it'. 

    I try so hard to get ideas from her of what she wants, but she'll name anything and everything, even if she doesn't really want it!

    My H gave her a toy catalogue and a pen and told her to cirlcle things she wanted...within 10 minutes every item in the catalogue was circled - ha!

  • shop after halloween for princess dress up clothes. majorly discounted.
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  • imageStacyc625:
    shop after halloween for princess dress up clothes. majorly discounted.
  • imageStacyc625:
    shop after halloween for princess dress up clothes. majorly discounted.

    I can't believe I didn't think of this - THANK YOU!

  • Most of DD's cheaper toys are her favs - puzzles, princess sticker books, those Melissa and Doug wooden dolls with the magnetized outfits (her absolute favorite), all books, even dress up clothes can be found for cheap. To me, this is a super easy age to shop for on a budget, because they like just about anything, and aren't into expensive electronics and stuff like that yet.
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  • What about play makeup and jewelry. I know its crazy but if you have a dollar tree around they have some cute necklaces, bracelets, tiaras etc for a buck each. They hold up pretty well too. They also ahve white gloves. butterfly wings and boas. You could make her a little dress up box. Also the Disney store online always has sales for princess t shirts and toys for pretty good deals. You could get her an ariel tshirt for less then 10 bucks.

    Arts and craft stuff also from the dollar tree. They have paint, great coloring books, crayons, puffy paint, googly eyes etc. You could do a art box pretty cheap. My 3 year old loves to do crafts.

    Something we are doing for our son is a Jake and the neverland pirate set. Hes getting a dvd of the cartoon, pretend coins, pirate hat, and a few other things in a pirate chest. Less then 25 bucks and hes gonna love it. You could do this with ariel or all the princesses. Just trying to think of some unique cheap ideas.

    We also do necessities. He needs shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste, new toothbrush we do all that and a bath toy and he loves it.

    Toys r us hould be doing some good buy one get one half off sales soon.

    Happy hunting =)

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  • my daughter is the same age and last year the surprise hit was a fleece blanket.  I bought a princess panel at the Fabric store and trimmed it up, she still loves and Grandma may add borders to it this year so it grows with her.  

    DD loves the melissa and Doug magnetic dress up dolls she got them last year but really plays with them now.  

     A pop up tent, princess theme or not, she will pretend its her castle anyways.   

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  • Yard sales, flea markets and Craigslist.  Your dd won't care if it isn't in a box :)
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  • Books,puzzles, coloring books are great buys at a dollar store. They have all kinds of cartoon character items and little items that you can add onto. 
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  • I was just at the dollar store to grab some Halloween stuff and they had Disney princess crayons, coloring books, the cutest little paint sets and puzzles. I grabbed a bunch and have a big box of artsy type stuff in a box for under $10 
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  • Fairy wings! My niece is in love with hers! Hit consignment stores after Halloween and do a 'dress up box'.


  • I am going to go shopping the day after Halloween for dress-up clothes. Then I am planning to decorate a rubbermaid container to make a dress-up box.  I also plan to take my old bare minerals containers and put a sealant over them and add them to a make up bag and purse.
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