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South Africa people, come in...

Thought I'd start a new thread, all to ourselves. I'm excited to see that there are a few of us here, either living here or from here. Tell us about you!


I'm living in a nature reserve north of joburg, out toward the hartebeespoort dam. I've been married to a South African for a year, and have been here for seven years. I love this country, and have no plans of leaving.

I moved here kind of by accident. My ex, who was British, and I were living in London. We wanted to finish our pilots licenses, and the prices and weather were attractive here, so we accepted my uncles offer of coming for six months to work for the family business, an aviation safari business.  Since then, I've "moved back," three times and never lasted. A few years ago, I just decided to stop wasting my time and stay here for real.

We live on a plot 8km down an awful dirt road with the typical farm thing of twelve pets, five vegetable patches, and game wandering by, bush fires, etc. I love it, and can't dream of a better place to raise babies.

Want to hear about you all! 

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Re: South Africa people, come in...

  • Morning! I am a South African living in the UK with my South African husband and our 4 year old son. I lived in Florida, USA for 13 months before moving here 5.5 years ago.

    We are originally from Cape Town. DH is an ex Wynberg Boy and I grew up in the Milnerton/Blaauwberg area. My lovely mother has moved to Darling and my IL's live in Brackenfell so when we visit now in December it is going to be fun travelling from one house to another, not!


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  • Hiya! 

    I'm in Cape Town, right in the city centre. Love living here but I'm still jealous of all your land, PGinSA! I have dreams of having a little "farm" like that someday.

    We've been here for two years now. Planning on staying a while longer, but DH and I both would like to get back to Europe or US to settle. Just to be a little closer to family (he's Italian). 

    No little ones for us yet, just started TTC in July. Fingers crossed for one soon!


    Oh yeah, there's also another International Nestie here in Cape Town, but I don't know if she'll wonder over to the Bump board. 

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