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Rylee's birth story (2 yrs late, and SUPER long)

So I was reading these birth stories and felt like reminiscing over my DD's birth as we are expecting her little sister in February.

I was due October 29, 2010. A week before my due date, I went in for a late afternoon appointment and my OB told me not to return to work. At the time I was commuting and she did not want me going into labor on the bus. I had had a good pregnancy, despite three fibroids that tripled (at least) in size throughout my pregnancy.

I spent the rest of that week going for walks, shopping, and vegging in front of the t.v.. That whole time I barely even felt any BH contractions. I went in the next week, and my OB told me I needed to prepare to be induced if I didn't go into labor that weekend. I was told to call the hospital at 5am on November 2 to see if they have any beds open for me to come in and be induced. The weekend passed w/ no baby, so I had a feeling induction was coming.

On November 2, I woke up at 2:30 am thinking that I had broken out in sweat b/c (gross) the pillow I use b/w my knees was soaked. I stood up and realized my water had broken. I quietly got up and (LOL) layered about 4 pads in my panties, waddled back into the bedroom and told DH..."Um, we're going now. My water broke".

When we got to the hospital, they told me I was around a 1 (which was super disappointing b/c the Dr had been saying I was at a 1.5-2 for a couple of weeks)! However, I wasn't contracting very much so I shouldn't have been surprised. They gave me an hour or 2, but told me they wanted to go ahead and give me pitocin since my water had already broken. I think this was around 8am.

The contractions started pretty quickly. I started trying to get "comfortable" on the birthing ball, but the nurses kept saying I was knocking the monitor off of my stomach and they were losing readings on the baby. Since I couldn't even attempt the natural labor techniques I had practiced, I gave in pretty quickly to an epidural. I knew that the contractions were going to get much worse from there on out! 

Before I tell you about the epi, you have to know that I have had 2 back surgeries in the past. When the anesthesiologist came to do my epi, he commented that my epidural space was fused together (surgeries were to pin and fuse a broken back). He wasn't sure if the epi would be able to get into the area it needed to give me some relief, but he did try. Of course, it didn't work. Then he used the same method as an epidural to try and partially numb my lower half through an IV in my back. It did help a little as far as my contractions went, but my real pain was from the pressure (I felt like I needed to push and I wasn't near dilated enough to do so). Plus, the IV hooked into my back made it so that I had to lie on one side and STAY that way through the pressure and contractions.  That was the most awful part, I kid you not! I think all of this was around 10 or 11am (it's been awhile).  This whole time I kept feeling like I needed to push, but they would tell me "DON'T push yet". This got so intense that, as DH was letting me squeeze his hand, I puked on him! 

At one point, my OB came into check me and said "You have a narrow archway and your baby is pretty big, we're gonna go for a few more hours but you may end up having a c-section". At that point, I was exhausted, my hip was KILLING me from laying on it for so long, and I was basically needing to poop but being told to "hold it". During the next contraction (the OB was no longer in there) I said "just cut her out"! My sister and the nurses laughed at me, but I was trying to figure out why I was gonna go through all this pain if I knew I was gonna have a c-section in the end. However, they were right. The next time they checked my I was near a 10. The anesthesiologist came and took the IV out of me (halleluia), and they rolled me onto my back. 

W/ my DH holding one leg and my sister holding the other, I pushed (which was glorious after them telling me not to) for an hour. The last few pushes were SO hard simply b/c I didn't feel like I had ANY strength left! However, at 5:06pm I pushed as my Dr pulled a wriggling, 8lb,7oz BEAUTY out of me!! Rylee was absolutely beautiful!! I was so exhausted, but I did manage to reach down for her and place her on my bare tummy and hold her for just a minute before they took her measurements and handed her back to me. I tried to BF her, but there were still other people in the room and I had NO CLUE what I was doing so she didn't get much at first. It didn't matter to me, though, b/c my little girl was here and she was beautiful!! Now she is a super rambunctious toddler who lights up our lives. She is still beautiful, and is going to be an amazing big sister!!! I love her so much, anything I had to endure in that hospital was TOTALLY worth it!!! 

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