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Pertussis booster while pregnant here in CO?

Hi ladies,

I'm interested in getting a pertussis booster before I deliver in February but my OB told me that in Colorado the booster is given after delivery because it is a live virus. This confuses me because the CDC recommends pregnant women be vaccinated after a certain point and I read something from the Colorado Dept of Public Health saying the same. Have any of you been vaccinated while pregnant here in Colorado?

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Re: Pertussis booster while pregnant here in CO?

  • My doctor in Littleton told me to go ahead and get the shot now; however, I am only 15 weeks and Walgreen's policy is not to administer the shot until after week 20.  I will be getting the shot right after 20 weeks.

     Hope this helps!

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  • I don't believe that vaccine is a live one.  And, since whooping cough is common here in Colorado, I would get it as soon as your OB agrees to let you.  I got it the day after I delivered and made my husband and lo's grandparents get it as well.
  • I'm in Colorado Springs and my OB scheduled me to get it at my next appointment which is the 28 week appointment.  I'm also going to get the flu vaccine.  I think your OB is mistaken or confused.  I'd get another opinion.  My OB said that getting it will help build my babies immunity to it so when it's born, it has a better chance of not getting whooping cough.  I hope they figure it out for you.
  • That sounds odd to me.  My pediatrician recommended I get it while pregnant but I'd already gotten it when TTC.  It is mixed w/ the tetanus shot, so if you get the tetanus, you will get the pertussis shot.  From what my general Doctor told me, the pertussis shot doesn't go into effect immediately - it actually takes a couple weeks so you would want to get it prior to giving birth (and have your husband/family/etc do the same).
  • My OB told me to get it at 28 weeks and my husband needs to get it.  I'm also having my parents get it since they will be around the baby quite a bit.
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