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Pavilion at Pennsylvania Hospital - Is It Worth It?

Has anyone paid to upgrade to the Pavilion at Pennsylvania Hospital (not HUP) for your postpartum recovery? If so, was it worth it? I would also be interested in hearing about your experience.


Re: Pavilion at Pennsylvania Hospital - Is It Worth It?

  • Thanks for posting this. On the day of my tour, all of the regular post-partum AND pavilion rooms were full. From what the PP is saying, this sounds like a common occurrence. I know they are renovating/expanding, but this still makes me nervous. 

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  • I am going to be delivering my twins at Pennsylvania Hospital in April. I cannot imagine sharing a room with two babies and my husband! If no one minds me asking, how much more is the pavillion?
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  • I actually work at Pennsy (not in the OB Pavilion but in the med/surg Pavilion).  I would say its worth the money since they don't offer private rooms otherwise.  But beware, the food is terrible, the kitchen hours are limited, and the other bells and whistles aren't Nything special.  Just know going into it that all you really are paying for is a private room.
  • I made a reservation for the Pavilion yesterday. My stepsister delivered at Pennsy 2 years ago and had the worst experience with her "roommate." The roommate told my sister (warning: this is really gross and graphic) "You're nasty for breastfeeding, I don't want a baby sucking on my tit****." She then had about 3 or 4boyfriends/prospective fathers of the baby visit each day and they were also rude to my sister. She cried a lot and couldn't wait to leave the hospital. That story is reason enough for me to pay $400 (heck, I'd even pay $1000 a night) to get a better chance at having a private room!
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  • Yes, a hundred times Yes!! We had a private room and honestly that is worth everything.  As others said the PP ward was also completely full the night I delivered, but we had a reservation and got our room.  There are so many reasons that the Pavillon room was a life saver.  First off privacy- as a pp said going to the bathroom after delivery is not something you want to do in a shared bathroom.  Second if you share a room your hubby won't be able to spend the night and I really would not have liked it if he had to go home and for that matter he wouldn't have either.  We actually had good food, but that is minor- I would pay for the private room over and over again :) Good Luck!

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  • imageCanale2011:
    Just know going into it that all you really are paying for is a private room.

    Yes. Exactly. Many of my doula clients have chosen not to pay for the pavilion in hopes they'd luck out and get a private room...and regretted it. I can say that I've been there many times just this year alone and NONE of my clients have ever been alone. Maybe it happens once in a while, I just haven't heard anything like that except for maybe a couple hours. Sharing a room can be so hard, and you just don't know what to anticipate with birth and post partum...or strangers! Not everyone can get in or afford it, but my clients who have said it was well worth it to have the privacy. 

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