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This mom needs advice

I know husband is looking forward to us having a baby. But, he seems more nervous than anything. When will I see the excitement in him. We're due in a week and a half. Does it happen once our son is here? When did you dads get "excited" about becoming a father.

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  • He may simply be experiencing anxiety about being a dad.  It isn't that he's not excited (most likely), but he may be worried he'll screw something up... especially if he has not had a great deal of experience with babies.  You hear horror stories about no sleep (he'll adjust), no sex (which will happen for a while most likely) and such and that may have him a bit on edge.  What you rarely hear from those same people is what an amazing experience it is to hold your child and bond with them and watch them grow.  He'll get excited, when, it probably depends on him.
  • I'm pretty sure most first time dads are in full out freak mode around this point. Just because he's nervous doesn't mean he's not excited: It means it's very important to him and he's just scared something might not go smoothly.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
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  • The week before I was crazy nervous and freaked out too. You will see lots of excitement once your kid is here, but for now he is thinking about fatherhood, the labor, your well-being, taking care of the house, finances and all kind of stuff. It's a lot to process....the only way I kinda kept my cool was with a 2 page, 10 point font check list and I was a beast the last two weeks working on it. My wife knew I needed to freak out and it was best on paper.
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  • I agree with what's already been said. I think most men need to be able to touch or feel. We heard and felt the heartbeat. Exciting. We heard or felt the movements in the belly. Exciting. We are waiting for our lives to change in a week and a half with nothing to touch...not too "exciting." The second he hears a cry, sees a smile, holds the baby, etc. should change everything. Nerves are probably there too...but all should end up well.
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