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MY birth story, hope it helps u

Me and my live together bf of the time were together for 2 years and found out we were pregnant by accident on christmas day 2008! It was scarey at first but I accepted I was going to be a mama at age 20 ! I was already in college and with a job and our own place and we were both pro life, He asked me to marry him which he says he was already saving for that ring when we found out and I belive him bc we have an amazing trustful relationship. Anyways , as a first time prego I was terrified at the thought of Labor with the associated words pain, ring of fire, crowning, contractions, the whole thing sounds scarey doesnt it? well bc of that I did not do medical study research or think about birth and make a plan, bc it was better to just not think about it for avoidance fear and nerves. So I was 3 days past due and my dr wanted to induce me, I didnt know anything about it and she didnt tell me anything about it either. So we went in and I was already having contractins and dialated to a 2cm. They broke my water with an amniotomy. Hours later started pitocin. Now that I have done research, I know that pitocin is painful bc it causes strong contractions and speeds labor process and makes your chance of a csect 50%. I knew I was going to have an epidural bc I was scared of the "pain" But boy let me tell you pitocin is very painful 8/10 ppl i know that have had it say the same thing so its not just me, drs say it too, and I did not want to take narcotics in labor but I did, and I still regret it. My epidural was placed and only worked on half of my body so I was still in extreme pitocin pain contractions ( WHICH IS NOT UNCOMMON) dealing with it through narcotic use which goes into the babies blood stream ;(  So i pushed with 6 contractions and out came my daughter 7lbs 4oz 20 and 3/4 inches with a small episiotomy. Yes my vag throbbed for weeks but it's to be expected. I EBF her and the first 3 days with just colostrum I had to give her formula post BF bc she was screaming hungry. The first 3 months she nursed constantly but I was so happy and stuck with it! I co slept and baby wore her as well and we are VERY close knit family. Melissa is 3 years old and only gets sick for a week or two out of each year!! I am now 35 weeks prego now with a little boy due nov 21st Now that I know about labor, inductions, narcotics, and effectiveness of epidurals, I have read the book Birth made easy and plan to try hypnobirthing. I will make my epidural decision last minute. I will not take narcotics. And I know that the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists only reccommends induction with a cervical bishop score of 8 or greater or else there is a good change of failed induction leading to cesarean. Make informed and educated decisions to have a pleasureable and safe experience for u and your baby when you are both physically ready which CAN be at 42 weeks with less than a 1% of mortality. Good luck and God Bless.
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Re: MY birth story, hope it helps u

  • thank you for sharing your story!  I'm FTM and 33.4 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.  DH and I are still figuring what my birth plan going to be.  I will not use induction drug too.  I used it for my one of my early miscarriages and I have to agree with you totally that it was indeed painful.  I also had nausea and vomiting and filled up the whole bathroom sink.  Sorry for TMI but it's true.  I also afraid of pain too.  My family doctor told me to remember to ask for epidura.  I googled and found out that it could lower blood pressure and I am prone to have below normal bp level.  Right now during 3rd trimester, my bp is going up right at the border of the normal range in the lower end.  Anyway, I used narcotic at ER in the miscarriage when I took induction drugs and I really feel better.  I wish I can say I don't want any drugs but sometimes I think it's inevitable.  Good luck and best wishes to your delivery!  Thank you for letting me vent here!
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  • That's a great story and thoughts !

    GL with your second birth Big Smile




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  • Thanks for sharing about the bishop score, I DO NOT want to be induced so I'm thankful for this bit of knowledge to arm myself with. I'm 25 weeks now and need to do a lot more research. GL with your upcoming delivery! 
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  • Thanks for sharing your story... This thread is old so you probably won't come back to it, but I was wondering, if you didn't have a high bishop score, would you have opted to go right for a scheduled c-section?  You were three days past your due date, I'm sure the Dr's wouldn't have wanted you to go past 41 weeks (I'd rather not chance even 1% mortality and try to go for 42 weeks).  Personally I'd rather be induced to try to get the baby out before going into major surgery, but to each his own, just wondering.
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  • How would anyone else's birth story help another person? Io non capisco.
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