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Anyone on Bromocriptine?

Anyone on bromocriptine to reduce prolactin levels? I recently found out I have two microadenomas (one 2mm and one 6mm) which have caused elevated prolactin levels (tested at 73 and 76) resulting in irregular periods. I began bromocriptine 13 days ago @ 1.25 mg and will increase to 2.5mg tomorrow. I am not scheduled to go back to the endocrinologist until 11/14 to have my prolactin levels rechecked.

I have been doing TONS of searching for information about successful pregnancies with bromocriptine or with microadenomas in general but I haven't found much information. I am temping now too with hopes of determining if I O (doesn't appear so yet). All of this has made me pretty nervous about ever regulating my period, ovulation and TTC in general.

 Anybody with info?!?!

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Re: Anyone on Bromocriptine?

  • *Lurking from 1st tri*

     I was on bromo for a while when I was first diagnosed with prolactinomas, but it made me feel so groggy. I moved to cabergoline and that helped even out my levels. I was on the meds for about five years before TTC. I was testing in the 30s and got down to a 9 at my last pre-BFP endocrinologist appointment. Once I got a BFP, I was told to stop the meds since pregnancy increases your levels naturally. 

    In the meantime, keep temping! That was really helpful to me.There are lots of success stories out there, so don't stress too much. You're doing all you can to regulate your body.

     Hope that helps a little. Good luck!

  • Thank you both for replying so quickly. Good luck as well. I am already appreciative of having joined the boards!
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  • I just started Dostinex after my doc discovered a microprolactinoma. Idk of its going to work yet or not, but I've talked to a number of endocrinologists and OBGyN's and they say the success rate of suppressing prolactin production and even shrinking the tumor is high. Bromocriptine takes longer to work, according to research but it has a high efficacy rate. Good luck!
  • Would love to hear how things go for you! I've learned recently that patience isn't a virtue of mine :) Good luck to you too. 
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