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Maternity Ball Dress

I need opinions on a ball dress...


Or this?

To make up for the price I thought I could wear it to the ball, do a fancypants maternity shoot with Josh in uniform, and do newborn pictures with our baby girl. I especially like the idea of a white dress for the newborn shoot since its "pure" and all. And thought it'd be cool to wear the same dress for maternity and newborn pictures.

Would I look too "knocked up bride" in white?
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Re: Maternity Ball Dress

  • neither of the links worked for me

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    BFP #2 02/05/2013 EDD 09/19/2013 Arrived via c-section 09/27/2013

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    Floral One Shoulder Chiffon Maternity Dress Style 261208D


    I really don't generally like white dresses for military balls. That may be colored by the women I've seen actually wearing their wedding dresses at balls though. I think there are way better options in other colors, and if you're worried about price, which is understandable, have you looked at local consignment stores or on your base's yard sales site? A lot of women have maternity dresses they wore once for a ball and are selling.

    If you're set on white, I prefer the first one.  

    I've seen a lot of military surprise homecomings. It wouldn't work on me. I always have my back to the corner and my face to the door. Looking for terrorists, criminals, various other threats, and husbands.
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  • I think they are a bit too wedding dress-y.  I would choose them in a different color. Don't worry about trying to match his uniform, it isn't necessary.  

    I was pregnant for two balls.  I just found regular dresses that were a larger size than I normally wear.  They were empire waist to account for the belly.  I was a large 36 weeks along with my son for one and 17 weeks along with my daughter.  

    Also, talk to your FRG.  Ours will often plan a dress exchange.  We all bring in our old dresses and trade.  You don't have to bring a dress to get one.   All left over dresses are donated to a local group who collects dresses for girls who can't afford to go to prom. 

    You should also check the sale racks.  I've never paid more than  $80 for any of the 5 ball dresses I've bought.  

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  • I love love love the first pic with the strapless gown. What site did you find that on?
  • i wont be showing but i got a black stretchy dress lol with a high waisted gold belt SUPER sexy cant wait!  was thinking about white but i dont like white so much on me plus i can never keep anything white clean
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