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birthing center/ hospital recommendations

Hi everyone, 

I am just moving to the maryland area and need to find a new doctor/ midwife. Im due in march but was looking at different places to go for my care. What is everyone's recommendations? And where should i not go? Im looking for a place where i wont be strapped down and drugged up preferably. 

Re: birthing center/ hospital recommendations

  • i used Birthcare in Alexandria for my pregnancies.  they fill up pretty quickly though, but it's always worth a shot to see if they have any openings.  they do have a birth center on site, and since they are not attached to a hospital, there is no strapping down or drugging up.  not sure if there is something similar but a bit closer to you...


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  • if you are looking for a birth center, i recommend BirthCare & Women's Health in Old Town Alexandria. they are located about 5 minutes from the beltway/woodrow wilson bridge. as PP said, they do fill up fast and you may not be able to get in for March at this point, but since you just moved here, i'd call and tell them that anyway. the midwives there (all CNMs) and wonderful!

    the Nova Natural Birth Center in Chantilly is a bit further of a drive for you, but it's beautiful and brand spankin new and the midwives there (all CPMs) are fantastic. 

    As for hospitals, i'm not familiar with any in MD/DC that are mama/baby friendly. in my HypnoBirthing class, i suggest to my students they seek providers at Virginia Hospital Center, as it is widely known in the area to be extremely mother/baby friendly.

    for homebirth midwives in MD, i really like M.A.M.A.S Midwives and particularly Erin Fulham, CNM

    stay as far away from Joey Pascarella, CNM, as you can. happy to provide a little more to that disclaimer offline, PM me.

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  • I had an unmedicated delivery at Shady Grove with Midwifery Care Associates.  I personally felt more comfortable being in a hospital, and felt my midwife was a great advocate for me throughout.  I was never pressured for any interventions during labor, and was not strapped to anything.  I had an initial IV of fluids because it was 8am when I got there and I wasn't hydrated enough for them to draw a blood sample on admission.  After that, nothing.  I had intermittent fetal monitoring by hand and was free to move around and try various labor positions. They also have tubs for laboring in some rooms.  All the nurses were very pro-bf and keeping the baby in your room, etc. 

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  • I live in Kensington, MD and I'm currently receiving care at Birth Care in Alexandria (due in January) and I couldn't be happier. I'm not sure where you are in MD, but it's about a 35 - 40 min drive for us, and totally worth it!

    The midwives are all very easy to talk to and patient and the facilities are very homey, or you can choose a home birth.

    They do tend to fill up, but they are worth getting on their waiting list in case there is an opening even if they are full. Just call them to take their tour and someone can tell you if they still have any openings for women due in March. 

    I haven't been in the area long, so I don't know anyone who has had a natural labor anywhere locally or anything about the MD hospitals, but good luck!  


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