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Is anyone planning to use a baby nurse? I heard from a few people that they are "100% necessary". This is our first child and I'm curious as to other people's thoughts. I think that it would be great although I think my husband will need convincing. He has no idea what's in store for us.

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  • 100% necessary sounds a bit extreme.  But living in NYC I've learned NYers are so opinionated about how a child should be raised.  Just because it worked for them, a lot of them assume it's the only way to go.

    Out of everyone I know with a baby (and that includes my neighbors) only my sister in law used a baby nurse and that was because she had twins.  In fact, the thought never crossed my mind but I will be a stay at home mom w/ a hubby that's taking paternity leave and a mother, MIL and SIL that all plan to visit for a few weeks (at different times).

    IMO...I think they could be very valuable to single/working moms, moms whose husbands travel a lot or don't plan to take paternity leave and/or if you don't have family/friends who plan on spending a few days/weeks with you.

    Good luck. 


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