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Sudden obsession with pacifier???

Our DD is almost 15 months old.  She has never really "needed" the pacifier.  Only time we gave it to her was for naps and bedtime....and even if it fell out it was no big deal.  

But earlier this week she became obsessed with it and has to have it in her mouth at all times.   I do think she's teething, but I always blame her behavior or mood on teething!  

Did your LO's go through a "must have paci" phase or do you think it's due to teething?  


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Re: Sudden obsession with pacifier???

  • It could be teething. DD has not taken a paci since 6 months old.  She is currently cutting 2-3 teeth at once and has been stealing kids pacis at daycare!  I also had one leftover that she found and started using and had a meltdown when i took it away
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  • I've always kind of hated the pacifier. It's the SLP in me :) But my daughter just needed it to fall asleep. She right now is also obsessed with it and wants it during the day too. I hope it's just a phrase, but I THINK it's because I stopped breastfeeding 100%. I did it until she was 12 months old (and pumping at work), and after that, she seemed to still want a bit once a day or every other day. Approaching 18 months, I decided it was time to stop completely. And since then, she can't get enough of the pacifier. We're trying not to give it to her during the day, but it's been hard.
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  • My DD is 20 months and still has a pacifier and is still nursing.  She goes through phases of obsession with either/or.  Right now she will frequently go into her room, stand next to her dresser where she knows the pacis are kept, and start crying, "pappy, pappy, pappy."  She is also reluctant to give it up when she wakes up in the morning, where as she used to just put it away without complaining.  I think it's just toddler moodiness/boundary testing.  I just try to keep consistent with when she's allowed to have it.  If you think it's teething, you could try offering a cold washcloth or something if you don't want to go there with the pacifier.
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  • Could be teasing--we limit the paci to bedtime/nap as well--but this week my daughter has been relentless on her hands. They are seriously chewed up. I finally got to look into her mouth today--because it is easier said than done, and her canine started to poke through--at least one of them.
    My daughter is my hero.
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