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When I had my first child I was allowed to choose where I wanted to go and chose a midwife group.  Since then, things have changed and we must see people on base.   I'm wanting a VBAC and am unsure of my rights.   Anyone with any insight please share.  Thank you
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  • I asked something like this last month, and the responses were "it depends on the hospital" and "call the hospital."

    If you want to be seen off-base, you can switch to Standard and pay some out of pocket. (I've never done that, so am not speaking from experience.)

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  • I want to do Standard but DH does not want to pay out of pocket.  :/  I'm hoping I can convince him.  I would LOVE to see the MW I had with my son.
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  • imageHappyMommy28:
    I want to do Standard but DH does not want to pay out of pocket.nbsp; :/nbsp; I'm hoping I can convince him.nbsp; I would LOVE to see the MW I had with my son.

    For pregnancy and delivery there us no out if pocket on standard as long as you are seeing a practioner that takes tri care. The only out of pocket is your hospital stay, I can't remember the exact amount but it is under 20 ore day. I was able to see a mid wife, deliver where I wanted, ended up with a c section and still never even paid a co pay, just the daily hospital fee.
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  • I switched to Standard halfway through my last pregnancy. I paid $33 for my hospital stay. That was the only OOP expense I had.
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  • I am sure money is always a concern but it's your body and you are the one going through the pregnancy. I am nicely trying to say it's not his call. Switch to standard and find the OB that you need to help you realize your dreams.
  • Be aware that switching to Standard does have some stipulations. If your spouse is E5 and above then you cannot switch back to Prime for 12 months. So, if, after having the baby, you need to see a doctor you WILL have to pay copays of either 15 or 20 percent depending on in vs out of network.

    Also, if during your pregnancy you need to be seen for anything not pregnancy related need antibiotics for strep throat, cut your finger and need stitches, etc then you will have copays. Global Maternity coverage extends only to pregnancy related care.
  • Your chances of having a V-bac will also depend on why you had a c-section to begin with. Before you switch to standard, perhaps call and make sure the provider you want to see would even be willing to take you on as a patient. My best friend (who is a civilian) won't be able to see the midwives she loved for her second pregnancy because of complications that led to a c-section with her first. This is not the insurance company's policy but the policy they have at her mid-wife's practice. Best of luck!
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