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Ob-Gyn Recommendations in Sterling/Ashburn/Leesburg?

Hi! I am TTC and need to find an ob/gyn. I used to have a great ob/gyn in Alexandria and was actually still going to use her after I moved except she left her practice! Now I am at a loss of who to choose... I have chosen people in the past that have been awful and just do not want to go through that again.. I had this terrible doctor tell me I might have cancer once; completely freaked out, went to two other doctors and all sorts of testing later it turned out that no one could find what that doctor saw.


Any help (either who is good or who to avoid) will be helpful.

 Thank you!

Re: Ob-Gyn Recommendations in Sterling/Ashburn/Leesburg?

  • I go to Perfectly Female. They have offices in Reston and Ashburn. They're great!
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  • I really like Women's Healthcare Associates. They have offices in Lansdowne and Purcellville.
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  • I delivered in August and my ob was Dr. Mandolesi. She has offices in Sterling and Ashburn and I highly recommend her!
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    I go to Perfectly Female. They have offices in Reston and Ashburn. They're great!

    I also go to Perfectly Female and have been very happy there! I have had some complications with my pregnancy and they have been so helpful with squeezing me in for appointments at the last minute. The nurses have probably spent hours on the phone with me! For a while I was calling a couple of times a week, but they were always so patient and helpful. I've also gotten an ultrasound every visit, which when you get pregnant, you will understand just how big of a luxury and excitement this is! Good luck to you!

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  • I go to Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, P.C. in Sterling (they also have Reston offices) and they deliver at Reston Hospital.

    They have 3 female doctors - Dr. Speyer, Dr. Barrett, and Dr. Mandolesi

    You will probably end up seeing all three once you become pregnant since they take turns being on call for deliveries.  I like them all though.


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  • Thank you everyone for the advice! I posted the question and then got busy and haven't had time to check the responses. I am still trying to get pregnant but know I need to find a gyno before then so thank you so much for the recommendations :) I will try and remember to go on here and tell you who I choose.



  • I've been going to perfectly female since 98 (in reston).  I've gone to ashburn a few times and they are lovely there too (same doctors).  I'm seeing them now in Reston and would love to stay with them if I wasn't moving :(
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  • I just started going to Loudoun OB/GYN and no complaints so far.  It was between them and Perfectly Female, but I wanted to deliver at the Loudoun Berthing Inn vs Reston Hospital.
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