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7 weeks: Hungry, but nothing tastes or sounds good.

The past few days, I have experienced my normal level of hunger - consuming food every three hours or facing nausea and headaches for the rest of the day.  However, nothing sounds or tastes good. My greek yogurt that I have eaten almost every day for the past few weeks now tastes and smells bad.  No food actually sounds appetizing.  The only foods that actually sound good, I can't eat because I have a gluten allergy.  No pizza, pasta, sandwiches, etc.  Any tricks to getting your taste buds back in proper working order?
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Re: 7 weeks: Hungry, but nothing tastes or sounds good.

  • Unfortunately, not sure there is a way?  I have been following my taste buds where they lead me which has been down the toaster strudel, pizza, and bagel road.  Not too healthy, but it's what I can stomach to eat. 


  • Mine aren't working properly but I have a lot of good gluten free recipes including homemade pizza, hot dishes, and no bake cookies if you would like.  But for me cooking/preparing food makes me sick.. Way better when food just appears and you don't have to touch it or smell it before hand. That's pretty much the only way I can eat a full meal is if my DH cooks it for me.
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  • sorry no tricks here but i'm having the same issue. i eat a bite or 2 of something then get something else b/c it wasnt what i wanted. i always feel like i'm starving!
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  • I'm going thru the same thing I use to love bagels with cream cheese but I can't eat them anymore !!Everything taste blan to me
  • i'm the complete opposite; things taste good, but everything stinks. i just have to get it past my nose a few times and i'm good.

    i haven't been eating the best of foods either, but it's what i can stomach for now 

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  • Cheese and crackers are getting me through the day right now.  I can eat a normal breakfast, but for the rest of the day food is kind of intolerable. 

    I feel bad for hubs, because I've always had a big dinner ready when he gets home, and I havent even cooked in days. 


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  • Thank you for the offer for the recipes.  I pretty much stick to the main food groups:  fruit, veggies, meats, and ice cream.. I mean dairy. I will usually eat rice with dinner.  My husband shares the cooking responsibilities, but when he asks "what sounds good for dinner", all I can think of is - nothing.  Nothing sounds good for dinner, but I still want to eat everything in sight.  I will say that I drank lemon juice in my water today, and it helped with my nausea and helped get my appetite for healthy foods back by the afternoon.  I've felt better today than I have in weeks.  I have read several different articles and blogs that say that lemons and lemon juice can work wonders.  I thought it was hokey, but I am now beginning to think there is some truth to this.  This is my first pregnancy, so everything is trial and error.
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  • I have felt very similar; I'm 9w3d with twins and have been praying for nausea since I had none with my last pregnancy which subsequently ended in miscarriage at 9w4d. I haven't had much nausea but have not been eating because literally nothing sounds good, not even my most favorite foods. I went to the OB yesterday and they tested my urine as part of the routine exam and I am in ketosis as a result of not eating or drinking as much as I should be. I'm forcing myself to eat and drink Gatorade now and I would recommend supplementing with either Gatorade or protein shakes if possible to avoid metabolic consequences. Overall, nausea and food aversions should bring you comfort because those types of symptoms are associated with healthy, viable pregnancies. Good luck! 

  • Unfortunately there's no way to force yourself back to normal but the good news is that it should get better in second tri. For now, just force a bit of food and try not to be too hard on yourself. This is normal. 

    EDD 1/31/13, MC May 17. EDD 3/31/13, MC July 26. I miss you so much already my angel loves


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  • Do I ever know your pain.  My m/s was SO bad from weeks 5-8, but has been getting better ever since.

    I need to eat all the time because the nausea and sour stomach is horrible, but ALL FOOD is disgusting!  I usually LOVE food, am a foodie, live for food!  But I sit there everyday wondering how all the food in the world can be gross?

    I would find something I could eat and then eat it for every meal until I couldn't eat it anymore.  Usually 5-7 days was my max.  Swiss chalet chicken, then blackbean burritos (only by one local company that made them), then sushi, etc.

    However, since week 9 I noticed the smells aren't killing me as much and my desire to try more varied foods is widening.  This is the best news ever!  It will happen for you, I promise, it might just take a couple of more weeks.

    In the meantime, just keeping thinking about what you can stomach eating and eat that.  Once I made my hubby drive 45 min each way to get a particular dish from a veg restaurant because everything else was horrid.  And I did feel better.  Bless his little heart. :)

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  • I'm in the exact same boat. I've found that plain rice helps settle my stomach and it's gluten free so that's a bonus. I too have a gluten intolerance and I find that it's hard to stick to gluten free food. There are gluten free pizzas (you put your own toppings on it), pasta and bread and bagels available. I get them all the time from the health food store. I find that I can't really eat pizza with the toppings I usually have but I do bake the crusts and snack on those. I do find that right now rice is a staple in my diet because it's about the only thing I can keep down or make without feeling nauseous. Good luck!

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