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Hi ladies!


I'm a first time mom (to-be) living in Inman Square... I work in marketing/adverting at an agency in Back Bay. I'm due in Early April and one of my first friends to be pregnant and going through all this exciting change. I just wanted to say hi... and see if there's any other Mom's in my area who would  maybe want to get together sometime? Feel like it would be great to know a few other pregnant ladies sometimes :)




Re: Cambridge/Somerville Mom's to Be

  • Hi Molly,

    I was just going to post something similar. I am 36 and pregnant with my first. I just moved from Arlington (so close to you!) to Beverly with my boyfriend. I do work in Somerville (3x a week and 2x a week, I work from home.)

    I am due in May. Many of my friends already are married/have kids and aside from one girl I am friendly with, no one else is pregnant now.

    I actually looked on to see if there were any groups for moms-to-be but didn't find anything. I am starting prenatal yoga on the North Shore next week in hopes of meeting some new friends in the area/other pregnant women.

    I would love to get together with a group sometime -- so keep me posted. If you want to email directly, let me know!

    Thanks for posting and hope you are feeling great!


  • Hi Molly and Judith,

    I was just starting to wonder how you start to meet new moms (especially other FTMs) in your area and then I saw your post and realized THIS is how:)

    I'm Ashley and I too live in Inman Sq. I do Internet marketing in Kendall Sq. (just a short walk from our home). I'm a FTM due March 1st. I'd be totally interested in getting together with you guys too.

    Looking forward to it!


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  • Hi!

    I would love to organize a little get-together....If you want to email me at [email protected], I am happy to take the lead on coordinating something.

    I have started prenatal yoga on the North Shore (I am the least pregnant one in class -- will be 10 weeks tomorrow) but oh well! :)

    Hope we can meet up sometime soon!



  • Hi everyone!

    Just browsing thru the forums and found this one. Also a first time mom to-be. I'm due mid-April 2013 but we have not yet told anyone yet! I live in Brighton and work in Back Bay and would love to meet up as well as I am the first to have a baby in my circle of friends...

    Keep me posted!

  • Hi and welcome, Sapphire.

    I will work on planning a get-together for November...I put my email address in a post above so feel free to be in touch. 

    Thanks and hope you are feeling great!


  • Hi all! I'm back from Paris & London and would love to get included as well- Judith I sent you a message to your inbox with my email so we can plan something. 


    I also work in back bay, sapphire and I'm due early April :) 

  • Hi Ashley! I also do marketing and live in Inman! I will inbox you to try  and get together :)
  • imagemollydubs:
    Hi Ashley! I also do marketing and live in Inman! I will inbox you to try  and get together :)

     Cool! Now  I just have to figure out where's the inbox:)

  • I also don't know where the inbox is here on TheBump! :)

    Molly, Ashley and I have been in touch by regular email. If you want to email me, I will connect the three of us!

    Look forward to it!


  • I am a first-time-mom (to be) too, living in Somerville, working in Cambridge. I am due in June (but thinking it might actually be May now.) Would love to get together with other moms-to-be. None of my friends are pregnant. Please invite me if you are meeting up!


  • I am a FTM due April 2nd, and living in Arlington.. I would love to meet up. I volunteer at Little Fox Consignment shop in Arlington which has the BEST used clothes, accessories and neccessities for baby and maternity clothes that are great! so cheap too! everyone can msg me if more info is needed. I am going to my 1st prental yoga class tonight in Arlington. Does anyone go?
  • Hi ladies!

    We are actually meeting in Union Square tomorrow at about 6- that may be very last minute for you guys, but I'll message you over the Bump to see if you can make it! 

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