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Anyone here delivered at Womack on Ft Bragg?

Did they take the baby away to clean him or her up right away or let you hold them? I want to have as much skin to skin contact right away to ensure bonding/milk production etc. I wasn't sure if they were receptive to this type of thing or if they just do what they want. I plan on asking my midwife next appointment also.
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Re: Anyone here delivered at Womack on Ft Bragg?

  • I delivered at Cape Fear...but have a few friends who delivered at Womack. It is my understanding that if you are very assertive in your request to keep baby with you at all times, they oblige. One of my friends even had them clean baby up in her room.


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  • They give you time! I am delivering there, a bunch of my friends and my sister have. They all got a lot of just arrived time =) only one didn't but there was a problem so he was taken to nicu right away....
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  • Thanks ladies! It's a relief to hear :)
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  • For the Womack moms... have you done the hospital tour? Was it good?
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