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Ottawa Mommy's to be?

Hi Everyone,


Just wondering if there are any other Mommy's to be from Ottawa on here!



Re: Ottawa Mommy's to be?

  • Hi!


    I am! We do not live in Ottawa right now, but will be there shortly.  When are you do?



  • Not a mommy to be, but mommy of two in Ottawa. I have a one year old and a one month old. 

    Where are you guys located? 

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  • I'm away during the week for work but will be home in Ottawa full time once I start mat leave.

    I dont know ottawa that well though, only moved their recently.
  • I'm an Ottawa mommy-to-be too (very recent - just under 6 weeks along!). Definitely would love to know some other pregnant ladies in the same area!

  • I am a mommy to be in the Ottawa area.  Due May 17.  Looking to talk to some other Ottawa mommies to be in the area.  Look me up on Facebook... my name is Stephanie Blackman :)
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