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Breast pump/DME supplier?


I know this is a long shot, but I am hoping someone can help me out: I recently found out that my insurance will cover an electric breast pump if I purchase it through a "durable medical equipment" (DME) supplier. If you bought your pump through one of these companies, can you please post the name of the company?

I'd prefer a local (Boston area or metrowest) company, if possible, but am also willing to order through a national or online distributor. 


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Re: Breast pump/DME supplier?

  • your insurance company should be able to tell you the names of some in-network DME suppliers and often times they allow you to also go thru in network hospitals to order.  I am familiar with a company called Apria that sells them for insurance companies but I don't know if they are in network for you.  Or you can probably use the insurance company website to locate them as well!
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  • I had to go through one my insurance (BCBS) approved and they had a list online.  I was looking specifically for a Medela Pump in Style Advanced.  There were two approved DME suppliers in my area and one was a hospital grade rental...not what I was looking for.  The other was LeTourneau's Pharmacy in Andover.  I was told that insurance only covered $230 of the $349 the pharmacy sold the Medela for and I had to pay up front and after insurance paid the pharmacy I'd receive a check.  Well I just received the check for the entire amount of the pump.  I did a happy dance :)  Good luck!
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  • my name is courtney and i work for aeroflow healthcare we are a  DME company and we do sell breast pumps. We carry the Medela, hygeia, bailey and tomy. this is the process to get one. when you call in i will get your insurance info and then call them to verify it. since breast pumps are now covered through the affordable care act under preventative services almost all insurances abid by that, the breast pumps are covered 100%. we then get a perscription from your doctor and then ship the breast pump to your house and that takes about 3-5 buisness days. please give me a call at 888-345-1780 ext 3377 or jsut ask for courtney. look forward to speaking with you and helping you in the process.
  • is your answer!

    Baird is a DME company that is supplying Medela & Ameda Breast pumps and billing your insurance company when a benefit is in place.  A representative is available to collect your information and begin your order process today.  You may visit the website or call in today to place your order 215-884-2990.

    Confirm your benefit of 100% today!

  • Hi Krisi,

    Does Baird only serve the greater Pennsylvania and New Jersey area? I live in NC.

  • I was looking for a DME in Louisiana for weeks.  I searched Google, Bing, Yahoo.  Called my insurance company. Actually opened a phone book. LOL  Then I stumbled on a Facebook posting raving about Airway Home Medical Equipment a DME in Lafayette, LA.  I called A.J. and she took my information, called my doctor's office and BCBS. She kept telling me, "No worries. Just focus on your new baby."  She emailed me throughout the process.  She took time to answer my questions.  It was a RELIEF.  My Medela Pump in Style cost me $28.40 and was shipped to my home in about 5 days. If you live in Louisiana, definitely give A.J. a call.  (337) 237-7377 or
  • check out,
    they ship free and check with your insurance for you. My doctor even said how great their process was!
  • I got a Medela from Cambridge Medical Supply. They were on my insurer's DME list

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  • I also got mine from Cambridge medical. They were very helpful.
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  • I was told Cambridge medical too and 5$ to have it delivered to your door!
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  • I recently had the same questions about DME suppliers. I did some research on the breast pump I was interested in (Medela Pump in Style Advanced) and when i went on their website they actually had DME suppliers according to location and insurance provider. I was thrilled to find out that Babies R Us was a supplier. MY first suggestion is go on the actual website for your breast pump and see if they also offer this information. 
  • I second @kshanchez89 in her recommendation of going through the Medela site to find DME providers. 

    I just ordered my pump through Healthy Baby Essentials in Walpole.  I believe shipping is free in Massachusetts.  They were helpful, they're a local company, and they were easy to communicate with online.

    I have Tufts Health Insurance, and these were my options:

    Free: Freemie Hands-Free, Ameda Pulrely Yours, Medela Advanced Starter, Hygeia Q, Lansinoh Signature

    Upgrades: Lansinoh Signature Pro ($55), Medela Pump in Style ($70 for tote or backpack, $100 for Metro bag), Medela Freestyle: ($120), Freemie collection cups ($55 for Medela, $73 for Ameda).
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