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Just a Moan/Cry...

Didn't know where else to post this moan other than a board that would understand my pain more so than other boards.

My OH and I have been together for 6 years now and have 2 children of our own, but not married yet. We're getting married this month.. FINALLY! WOO! OUr little ones are a 2 year old and a 7 week old.

We were both in the military, I just got out 3 months ago. He's going to stay in and retire in 9 more years.

Since we've been together we haven't been able to even get a chance to live together. First he deployed, then I deployed. We both then find out we would be going to Germany together. But he ended up being stationed 5 hours away from me. We only got to see each other 4 days out of each month. Which is where we had our first daughter. After 3 years there I finally got out and gave birth to our 2nd daughter. And he got stationed at Ft. Bliss. We are soooo very excited we can finally get married and settle down and be a somewhat normal Military family (though nothing as a military family is normal.. lol)

He's picking us up this week... but now we are learning he is deploying soon! :'(

Nothing ever seems to work out for us. Like it's not meant to be. Some way some how we are always seperated. So now I'll be living at Fort Bliss alone with two under two alone. No family. No friends. Alone with the two.

I'm so very upset. First becasue we can never seem to Just be a family. Second.. because my poor 2 year old never ever get's to see her dad. She'll be 3 by the time she get's to actually live with him as a family! and Third... my poor 7 week old... he won't even get to experience her first year of life. :'(

This is really hard. And I just feel awful. :(

Thanks for listening to my moan. I know we all have hardships. I just hope it gets easier soon. I feel awful for my girls. And I feel so bad for him as well. :(

I'll live I guess. :(

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Re: Just a Moan/Cry...

  • I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. I feel like my H is always gone, so I know where you are on that, but I don't have kids. You're allowed to be bummed! I bet you find lots of friends at Bliss. I sure hope you do!
    I've seen a lot of military surprise homecomings. It wouldn't work on me. I always have my back to the corner and my face to the door. Looking for terrorists, criminals, various other threats, and husbands.
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  • Thank you! :)

    Never realized how hard you Military Wives had it until now!

    Really hope I find some great lady friends! I'm bound too since El Paso is a somewhat large city. :)

    Thank you for your sympathy! :)

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  • So sad!

    I feel for you. I will not sit and compare stories but please know you are NOT alone! I know it is so hard to stay strong. But we need to for our little ones and our SO. 



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