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Looking for a full-time "family-friendly" job

Hello all!  I am currently looking for a job and am almost 7 weeks.  I was an elementary teacher for the past 4 years, but resigned this summer because of the huge amount of stress and the number of hours I was working.  Before that, I worked as an operations manager at a small commercial real real estate firm and did administrative and basic accounting work.

 I need to make around what I was making as a teacher (40K+) and I have to have benefits, since it is ridiculously expensive to add me to my husband's health insurance.  

 Do you have any suggestions on companies in North Austin/Cedar Park/Round Rock that tend to be more flexible and understanding about family/baby life?  I am nervous about starting any job already pg, and especially about taking off so much for appointments.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Re: Looking for a full-time "family-friendly" job

  • i think the only way to find out for sure how good a fit a company will be for your new family life is to interview them, see how many young parents work there and get their opinions. you don't need to disclose that you're pregnant while you're interviewing (and in fact, i wouldn't bring it up and they aren't allowed to ask), but you can ask about work/life balance in a more general sense.

    i also found that when you get into the negotiating process, really look at their benefits package - insurance coverage, PTO days, sick days, 401k, etc. good luck! 

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