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Fenugreek and exlcusive pumping

I am an exclusive pumper, and I produce pretty much what my baby drinks.  I started out by pumping 8-10 times per day and have cut back to pumping 5 times per day and I break even with the amount of milk I produce and the amount my baby eats.

 Next week, I'll be returning to work and I'd like to increase my supply so that I can freeze some milk.  I'd also like to go down to pumping 3-4 times a day (since I'll be working).

My question is: if I take fenugreek, do I have to pump more often in order for it to work? 

Re: Fenugreek and exlcusive pumping

  • I'm an EP as well :)

    You don't need to increase your pumping sessions when starting fenugreek but depending on if it increases your output you might feel the need to add an extra pump session if you feel fuller, to not be uncomfortable.

    As for dropping a session I'd wait until you see a difference with fenugreek first, then once you're supply is established again, hopefully with an increase, you could try dropping a session at a time.


  • How many weeks PP are you? I also EP and still pump 6 times a day (at 6 months). I'd like to drop to 5 but I'm worried I'll lose too much.

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