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2nd Trimester

For those who know the sex of their baby..

Did the ultrasound tech guess at your 12-13 week scan and guess right?  Just curious! :)

Re: For those who know the sex of their baby..

  • Yes, but I didn't "count" on it being right until the 20w scan.

    The tech's early guess was right about both of my LO's.

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  • Not quite that early, but we found out at 14 weeks and a couple days with both pregnancies.  They were right with DD, but we're waiting until the a/s to announce this one as a boy, even though it was pretty clear.  We told people after we found out with DD, but waited until after the a/s to start buying stuff.
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  • No guesses made at either 13 week u/s.  That being said, the tech said "he" a few times during the u/s this time so I'm veeeery curious to find out if she said that for a reason or not :)
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  • my doctor guessed this week but told me not to count on it being right until my a/s

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  • With this one they didn't guess, but I asked "do you see anything between the legs?" and she said "no, but that doesn't mean anything."  However, in the 2 seconds she scrolled over that area I thought "yep, that's a girl." Looked totally different than with DS...and now we know she definitely is a girl.

    With DS, they offered to guess at 12 weeks and guessed boy. They were right.

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  • I wasn't told anything about the sex of my baby until the a/s and I didn't ask any earlier because I wanted to wait until they could be sure.
  • They didn't guess with this one that early, but they did with my DS at 13 weeks.  They were right.  This time they said girl at 16 weeks and our A/S scan is this we shall see.  :)
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  • The tech didn't guess and I didn't ask her to so no idea if she would have been right or not.
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  • With my first we found out at 15 weeks, I have it on DVD and they didn't even have to say it was a BOY because it was clear as day a boy and we knew the minute we saw the screen, he was not shy. He's 5 1/2 now. All boy :) this time I hope to find out around that time but I'm going in for my 12 weeks ultra sound and it will probably be to early to look for the sex... And my doctor this time is a little different they don't look until 18 weeks for the sex. 
  • They couldn't see.
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  • At my 12 week NT scan I asked and she guessed girl. She used the "angle of the dangle" method and was right as it was confirmed as our A/S that we are having a little girl.

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  • Not with this one, but with DS he guessed and was right...  At 12 weeks with #2 we weren't sure if we'd find out...
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  • My tech guessed girl at our 12 week ultrasound but said she was only 60 percent sure. We had our AS at 18 weeks and it turns out that he is a boy! We got a pretty good shot but we had her write it down and we opened the results at home. He def looks all boy but I still get worried since we couldn't ask her questions.

     Im glad my husband asked if she was sure before we left but I might do a 3d one for fun soon just to double check and see him again!

  • We found out at 19wks and it was PRETTY obvious that I could even see his member and sack ! 
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  • No there was no guess at the NT scan. My OB took a guess at our 14w appointment and she was wrong. Its a girl!
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  • At our 13 week NT scan, the tech said she thinks it's a boy. Then at our A/S at 19 weeks, a different tech looked briefly at our NT pictures and asked us, Did they give you a guess? I said yes. Then she said, "Did they say boy? Because it looks like a boy." Then she fired up the machine and sure enough he was very clearly a boy.

     I was already having a very strong 'boy feeling' before the NT scan, so after that I felt about 90% sure. BUT we still waited to buy stuff/paint etc until after the anatomy scan confirmed it.


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  • Our tech didn't guess until 15w (I guessed on our 12w pictures, but tech could neither confirm nor deny). We were both right with them both being boys. My guesses were made on their nub angles, tech's guesses were made from a top-down view of their more developed/detailed nubs later on. Confirmed at 19w that they were still boys and had started developing their jewel pouches, too ;) 
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  • I declined all u/s before the 19 week appt since they are unnessary. If I had an u/s at 12w I would laugh at the tech if they tried to guess the sex.... because it would be just that, a guess.
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  • No, they wouldnt even look... and they were wrong at my 16w appt

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  • Yes. Our's guessed a boy, and they were correct.
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  • At 12 weeks, she told me "Well, I didn't see any boy parts." and when we went to get an elective u/s randomly last Friday, it was confirmed girl.  I announced on fb, but now I'm paranoid baby will have a penis during my a/s on  
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  • I've been going weekly so weeks 12-14 the guesses kept flip flopping. At 16 weeks there was an accurate guess but I didn't tell anyone or believe it until my a/s at 18 weeks. 
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  • Dr. took a guess at my 12 week u/s based on the angle theory, and said she was "pretty sure" it was a girl.  Well I had my a/s yesterday, and it is definitely a boy!  We are shocked!
  • Mine refused to guess at 12 weeks. Said they all look the same at that 
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