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still havent told my boss...

I'm nearly 15 weeks, and pretty obviously showing. I work nights, and I rarely see my boss, and when I do, it's in passing as she's coming in and I'm leaving. She comes in early a few days a week so see the night shift but I haven't seen her.

I feel like I need to tell her I'm pregnant (although she may have already heard from someone else). Is it tacky to send her an email, or should I just wait until I see her in person, even if it's another month from now?

I plan on taking an extended leave like I did with DS (6 months) so I feel like I should discuss this soon.



Re: still havent told my boss...

  • If you're ready to tell her, I'd email her and let her know of your extended leave plans. No reason to wait when your boss has to figure out what to do while you're gone.
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  • If possible, I'd try to catch her for an in-person meeting. ie set it up on her calendar for a day when you guys should cross paths. I'd email only as a last resort.
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