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Constant rash - what haven't I tried?

I don't want to give up our CDs at 19 months, but DS gets a rash any time he spends more than half a day in them.  I know it's the diapers (all BGs and Flips with micro. or hemp inserts.  I've used boiling water with 4 wash cycles, baking soda and vinegar, the Rockin' Green strip instructions, and Dawn, but nothing seems to have made a real difference.

Any last-ditch ideas?  Thanks! 

Re: Constant rash - what haven't I tried?

  • Hot wash cycle, bleach in the liquids dispenser (or wait till the water level is full before adding to the water), and 20 drops of tea tree oil....then rinse like 4-5 times till oil is all rinsed out and you can no longer smell it. Tea tree oil is a natural anti microbial oil that will kill nasties along with hot water and bleach 

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  • I know it's controversial, but baby powder has helped us so much. DS was getting a rash and we discovered it was just chafing. It was a relief to find such a simple solution!
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  • I'd switch detergent.

    I also use cornstarch for the same reason pp uses powder. helps a ton.

  • Have you tried wool covers with cotton fitteds or prefolds? Is it possible there is a bit of a sensitivity to polyester?

    The only other thing I can suggest is getting OxyBoost, letting your dipes sit overnight in a big batch of it and then washing on hot with more in that load, then doing a few more hot washes to strip everything away. OxyBoost is a brand of sodium carbonate just to let you know. I have had great success with it and highly recommend any CDing family have it on hand.
  • Maybe try a squirt of dawn in the prewash, a different detergent and bleach with a few rinses and then SUN THEM. I swear, sunning my DDs diapers has solved so many problems! 
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  • Besides the PP's suggestions, you could try using coconut oil at every diaper change. We started doing that with DD and we've had far, far fewer rashes. Her skin is just very sensitive and it seems her diaper contents were irritating her skin even when we changed her more often. 

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  • Since you're using BGs, maybe it's a suedecloth allergy?
  • Thanks, everyone.  I'm thinking it's not the detergent or the suedecloth because he never really got rashes in the first year in them.  We moved at around that time and I think have harder, more minerally well water here.  The other thing is that they might just chafe more now that they're snugger fitting, so I think the powder/cornstarch is a great idea.  Will also try the oxyboost and sun.
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