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mastitis sufferers ?

I think I'm getting mastitis...should I call my dr now and see what they say or wait til the morning when the office opens?  I hate to wait that long but I doubt they'll Rx antibiotics over the phone.
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Re: mastitis sufferers ?

  • My doctor always calls in antibiotics over the phone for mastitis. I've had it three times. 
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  • It won't hurt you to call tonight & see what they say.  My doc won't call in any scripts over the phone, so I had to go in every time I had mastitis (which was a PITA once I'd gone back to work), but some will, especially if it's the 2nd or 3rd time you've gotten it.
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  • I'd call tonight if your pharmacy is still open or so you can get it first thing early AM. I'd page a doctor. I just recovered from mastitis my doc doesn't see you for it they just diagnosed me over the phone and it kicked my ass. The flu like symptoms all night chills, sweating, waking up in puddles of sweat and shaking were so so awful. I hope you get better ASAP
  • My ob phoned it in for me. Please don't wait. I did because I thought it was just a clogged duct. My son also has a cold so I thought it might have been that. I suddenly got a 103 fever and felt worse than all of my labor except the last hour before I broke down and got the epi....and I had a 38 hour labor. By suddenly I mean one minute I was out with DS in the baby carrier buying wine and herbs for dinner. The next I was calling DH to come pick us up from the store that's three blocks from our apartment. It was so strange.

    And then, because of the fever, I got dehydrated and have spent the last three days deviatated about how much my supply had dropped. It seems to be coming back after a lot of work on my and DS's part but it was very stressful.
    And it's not cometely back... hopefully soon. GL! Mastitis has got to be the most evil ugly b!tch in town!
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  • Call now, don't wait. Mine came on very sudden, I woke up from my nap with horrible chills, temp 100.8. Called my doc she called in antibiotics, took some tylenol, 2 hours later my temp was 103.1. Luckily DH was still home from working taking care of me and baby. The only thing I could do was nurse laying down. My temp stayed between 102103, until the antibiotics started working. They didn't start working for a couple days.

    Good luck and ask for help, with baby and for you!
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