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Engorgement and Weaning

I've struggled with engorgement since I had DS#2. I've pumped twice as much in half as many pumpings as I didnt with DS#1 and finally got it semi under control around six months post partum. I recently made the decision to wean DS, for a number of reason. It's been three weeks since my last nursing session and I am still full of milk. My boobs are sore all the time and in the last two days they started leaking again!

I tried regular birth control pills and the problem got worse! I quit taking them because they also made me feel totally out of whack emotionally. 

Any suggestions on how to get my supply to stop? This is frustrating and painful!

Re: Engorgement and Weaning

  • I weaned very slowly over a month and was down to only two feedings per day before I quit. It was getting better, then I went on BCP and it got worse so I went off them, then DS was sick one night and I let him sleep on my chest. The next day I was totally engorged again! It's crazy! Just in the last few days I've had a cold and been taking sudafed and it does seem to be working, or maybe I'm just finally drying up. AF just showed up too, so maybe that will help! GL to you!

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