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6 wks-do you 'hold lo off' from eating?

Or is your LO on an eating schedule/how long do they go between feedings?  Do you stick to that fairly strictly or feed on demand?

I was EBF but I've weaned to formula for all but 2 feedings a day..  DS was just over 8 lbs at birth (2 weeks early) and in 90th %ile for height and weight at last appointment.  In the beginning he would nurse really often, a lot of times wanting every hour or hour and a half.  Pedi told me he should go to at least every 2 hours at one visit...  I ended up figuring out that he was a bit of a 'lazy' nurser and would stop before he was totally full (if I offered a bottle after nursing he'd continue to have a lot more-so that's what I do now.)  

Anyway, at this point sometimes he'll go up to 3 hours between feedings with no problem (which is what I feel like he 'should' be doing) but definitely not always.  Other times it just seems like there's no way to get him to that point and 2 or 2 1/2 hours is all he can do.  He seems to cluster feed a lot (I think that's what it is-he'll just want to eat continuously for like 2 hours, especially at night.)  He usually has about 3 oz. per bottle with about 5 or 6 at night when he's doing his cluster feeding.  

I just feel confused.  I have another LO so that makes feeding so often tough (not that I don't want to feed my baby when he needs it.)   But it seems some things say feed them whenever they want but others that they shouldn't eat so often and that you should let them learn what it's like to be just a little hungry... (Which is what my pedi seems to suggest.)  I'm worried that I'm training him to always be full I guess, but it's so hard rocking him and trying to hold him off when he wants to eat, especially when I don't know if that's what I should do..  He's so-so on the paci, sometimes it helps and sometimes not.


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Re: 6 wks-do you 'hold lo off' from eating?

  • I feed on demand (FF) and DS is the same, sometimes 3 hrs sometimes 2.  If he's hungry I'm not going to deny it.
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  • My Pedi said feed on demand
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  • Thanks, do you find though, that a lot of times LO will only have like an ounce and/or fall asleep?  It makes me think he wasn't 'hungry enough' and just wanted to suck but the paci doesn't do it for him...  (Please don't think I'm starving my child, or that I want to people!  :)
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  • I try to get him to wait at least 2 hours in between feedings but if I've done everything else and he is still crying (though I can usually tell his hungry cry from other things) I'll go ahead and feed him sooner, sometimes at night he just wants to eat for a few minutes and then go to sleep, but luckily that's rare and not a habit he's forming
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  • I feed on demand. It sounds like your LO is going through a growth spurt and that is why he is eating so often. I would feed him on demand.

    It is recommended to only feed on a schedule in the beginning when baby needs to gain the birth weight back.

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  • Yes... He will sometimes only drink 1/2 oz and fall asleep and wake up 10 min later and want to eat a little more.. It's called "snacking".. I've spoken to me pedi about it and she says to try and keep the baby awake so they will eat until they're full!
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