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i lost it today , first time

I have felt so upbeat positive this whole first week with baby. Dh has been home taking care of our 2 and 3 year old. So with having 3 u 3 and still recovering from a csection i knew it would be challenging but as long as i stayed positive and picking my battle with the older two boys i would be fine.

Today babys screaming, fussy gas and im on 4 hrs of sleep. After 30 min of baby screaming off and on i finally get him to nap. Then ds2 starts screaming bc dada went to use the bathroom. He screamed outside the bathroom door the entire time, then DH had to use the computer, which is a no kid room, so he continued screaming for another 20 min. . I tried distracting him but all he wanted was dada. Finally dh came out to get ds2 and the baby woke up screaming. Picked up baby and went to make a bottle in a very messy kitchen when i dropped the bottle making a huge mess on floor. It still hurts to bend over so i just started making another bottle and joined baby in crying...once i started to cry i couldnt stop. Cried through his feeding, cried through diaper change...i hit a wall.

I know all the prego hormones are still all unbalanced but i didnt think i would loose it so quickly.

Anybody else surprised by a stressful episode where you couldnt stop crying?

Re: i lost it today , first time

  • Sorry you had a rough day! I've definitely lost it a couple times and this is my first so props to you for dealing with three; I can't even imagine. As you know the first couple weeks are tough but I'm sure you'll feel more like yourself again soon. GL!
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  • Hope you feel better soon!
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  • Oh Hon,

    Sorry to hear that you had a rough day.  It sucks when it feels like things just keep piling up.  I hope that your day gets better, and I know that it will get easier, you're doing great.  I would have cried, too.  I cried when I had to supplement my DD's feedings with formula, because my milk hadn't come in yet, and she lost about 10% of her body weight. 

    You have three under three... you are a braver woman than I.  You can do it, I have faith in you.

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  • Not from the baby but ever since I got pregnant, if I start crying over something it takes forever to stop, luckily I've done good with LO, but I don't have 2 other kids or a c-section recovery to go through. Honestly, I think you're doing great! I wouldn't let something like this get to you
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  • I cant say i kno exactly what u r going through, but it hit me last night. hard.  I have a 2 yr old who completely changed his ways and last night only got 2 hours of sleep.  I didnt have a c/s so im up and about but i still feel ur pain. my LO is constantly fussing and wont let me put him down.  hang in there.  you r still doing great.  


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  • 6 weeks in and it's happened multiple times. Hang in there, supposedly it gets better : ) 
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  • Many times and I only have one. Boobs that don't work properly and a baby with reflux and slow weight gain will do that to you. Hang in there!
  • About a week after my son was born I started crying at the thought of him growing up too fast. Anytime I looked at him or a pic of him it made it worse. I cried on and off all evening! I couldnt stop! :
  • Oh Lord I have been there. You are in the thick of it right now. It will get better. I cried so hard the other night, I am pregnant with number 4, my other three were over tired, my husband was gone. My three year old pooped on his floor and spread it all over the place. I just broke down. Hang in there.
  • I lost it in the hospital. H's job, that he's been at for 15 years, was giving him a hard time about taking a planned vacation week the week we were coming home from the hospital.  He had left 2 years ago for 3 months and there was confusion over if his seniority was still in place.  I couldn't believe they were giving him a hard time over if he had any vacation left (he gets 4 weeks and only took one week at that point).  I was so frustrated thinking he was getting screwed plus DS had a short stay in the NICU at the same point.  DS still didn't have a name and I didn't want to name him then b/c I was so mad.  Everything just sort of piled up and I just sat there crying in my room.  DH didn't know what to do b/c I don't cry.  Ever. 

    Luckily the next day we found out the whole vacation/seniority issue got resolved. 

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